Best Video Editing Software of 2018

In the era of vlogging and YouTube, the popularity of video has become not only entertainment but also a way to show your talent to the world. Today there is no need to go to Hollywood and try to get a role in the movie, all you need is to make a talented video and upload it to YouTube. And the only necessary tools for this process are talent and a video editor. That's why today more and more companies are starting to create their own software. Now we are going to describe you and tell about top video editing software of 2018. There are some editing programs which can have a status of best video editing software for Windows, but they are absolutely bad to iOS products and vice versa. We tried to find video editors that are suitable for both these operating systems, as well as for another (for example, Linux). If you want to try yourself as a video clip maker, you should use one of these apps.


AVS Video Editor

Lots of forums related to video editing thematic admit AVS as best video editor nowadays. And there are strong reasons for such assumption. Among them, the most impressive are the ability to process Blu-ray video and transport video from all kinds of drives directly to the application.


Wondershare Filmora

This video editor software is easy for anyone to learn, even if they have never edited video before. On the official website you can find a Learning Center option and study how to create video of your dream using Filmora. Also, it`s connected to Effect Store which updates every day and has tons of amazing video effects.



The reason why we included VideoPad on our list of the best editing software was the admiration we experienced after the first use of that app. Amazing audio tool, stunning effects, and ease of use are just a few of the reasons why you have to try VideoPad.


VEGAS Movie Studio

Do you want to learn how to make cool video clips and looking for editing software for beginners? VEGAS Movie Studio is your choice. Incredibly simple interface and many options will help you create memorable videos and start your way as a video editor.


Pinnacle Studio

Despite the fact that this is an old-fashioned and famous program, it still seems really good video editing software. In a case you explore and discover all the possibilities of Pinnacle Studio you will get amazing software to create all kinds of video from short home videotapes to professional clips.


Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe has become one of the most known and best brands of editing software that’s why there is nothing strange its software became one of the best video editors in 2018. Simplicity, rapidity, and convenience are all you need to create a perfect video and all of it Adobe successfully provides to its customers.


Corel VideoStudio

To understand that Corel VideoStudio is perfect software you need only these reasons: it`s flexible and fun (you can combine photos, videos, and audios as you want); easy and intuitive (after 30 mins of using you will have feeling you use it all your life); and recently they have added complete 360° video editing (awesome, isn’t it?).


MAGIX Movie Edit Pro

If you want to create awesome music videotape and search for appropriate software, we will definitely recommend you MAGIX Movie Edit Pro which is one of the best video editing software for such purposes. Using it, you don’t need to search for music on the Internet because it`s already in the software. Moreover, there are more than 900 effects, transitions, menus, intros & outros and other useful stuff.


Nero Video

The last in our list of top video editing software is this famous app. For many years Nero remains an example of perfect quality and simplicity of video software. Tons of templates, possibility of streaming and recording, and also really simple interface make Nero Video one of the best video apps in 2018.