Most Badass Names

According to statistics, 73% of boys and girls do not like their names and would like to change it when they grow up. And many of them are fond of some badass names like Ace, Raven or Skylar. It is not a bad thing at all, but if you have already decided to change your name you should take this issue seriously. Because you can make the same mistake as Holly Madison who called her baby Rainbow. As well, you don’t have to change your name if you want other to call you in a cool way. You simply can take one of the cool code names such as Jade, Hunter and others. This article will also be interesting for parents who are looking for a name for their baby. They could either choose one of the names below or decide how they will never call their child. Anyway, let`s start.


Phoenix (name)

Among the list of the bad ass names, Phoenix is probably the most brutal. This name is so badass, that girls immediately lose their mind and even guys are sometimes deep in thoughts. For example, you may know an actor Joaquin Phoenix who is very talented and totally badass guy.



Alpha should be on the list of cool names for games about Special Forces, war campaigns, etc. As well, it could be a really good name for a dog. But as a badass name for a person, it doesn’t sound well. But if you like it – go for it!



Oohh, Scorpio sounds like the best of badass nicknames. The first picture you imagine is a Scorpion from Mortal Combat in his yellow suit. To call someone Scorpio he has to be a respected person among his friends and people who know him.



Timmy is a short name from Timothy. You may be surprised, but this name comes from the Greek name Timotheus. Timmy is one of the most common badass boy names in the U.S. But it better matches with small boys rather with adult males.



Starting our list with not really a badass one. It more relates to a category of cool nicknames for guys. You can remember the famous movie character Ace Ventura Pet Detective who was the coolest guy in childhood. That’s why if your nickname is Ace, be proud of it.



Skylar is an Anglicized spelling of the surname Schuylar. It should be in the top on the list of cool names for characters. Despite the fact that most of the known people called Skylar are men it is also very popular as a female name (171st most common name for girls).



The opinions about name Jade divided into two groups. The first one says that it is at the top of badass girl names. The second affirms name “Jade” is terrible for both men and women. Anyway, it has got in the 100 most common names for girls in Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and Northern Ireland in recent years.



Hunter is just another rather masculine cool given name. At the same time, it is one of the best badass female names. Do you agree that the boy called Hunter sounds good? But a girl named Hunter sounds like a female biker and you better don’t make a mess with her.



Raven is one of the most popular unisex badass last names which are usually given in the U.S. and England. If you are a comics fan you may remember one of the Teen Titans called Raven. And she was totally badass with purple hood and dark-colored power. The same is in real life, the only difference in energy.


Moon Unit

And the last name on our list. Honestly, Moon Unit is No. 1 of all possible epic names ever. It slightly correlates with the story in “That's My Boy” movie where dad named his newborn baby Han Solo-Berger. That’s why if someone calls his child a Moon Unit I will personally shake his/her hand.