Best Episodes of South Park Season 19

South Park is one of the most popular animated series for adults, which is known and liked throughout the world. South Park characters are recognized not only by adults but also children, for whom this animated film is not intended, but as you know – what is the most tempting forbidden. Adult animated series South Park was established in 1997. The latest series from the year 2010 and in total South Park has 21 seasons. This animated series has gained immense popularity, although at first, I let it approached with some disapproval. Why? Mainly because it aroused great controversy, because it makes fun, ridicules minorities, individuals, conservation and various other events and many other things. Although this is an animated series into a graphic casing can meet with political overtones and religious, social, etc. South Park episodes that provide some insight into the latest developments from the world such as terrorist attacks.

South Park origin Where did the idea for series South Park? On this idea fell into two friends from college Matt Stone and Trey Parker. They began to create fun animated movies, very short but with religious overtones, etc. Their films have been noticed by the American Fox Network, which is proposed to young boys write the script for the series, which has just happened in the atmosphere would keep their shorts. Interested in a new challenge to Matt Stone and Trey Parker have agreed to, and so in 1997, we saw the first episode of South Park. To date, 202 episodes were produced, were also episodes that have never been issued, and in 1999 was made a feature film South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. South Park has countless fans around the world. He lived to see the various gadgets from the TV series characters such as T-shirts, posters, mugs, etc. While at first glance series does not make any value to human life, everyone can find there a lesson for yourself.

South Park episodes What tells the series, South Park? This series presents the adventures of four eight years old boys from the town of South Park. The town is not just an imaginary creation of the show, but really there in Colorado, hence the series can see many locations, which are reflected in reality, however, are and those that arose solely and exclusively for the show. Under the guise of supposedly, normal kids discover the adventure, you can link to current events, as has already been mentioned. The kids are going through various absurd adventures, which to some very liked, and some feel disgusted. As the saying goes, “is no accounting for tastes, but about taste is not discussed.” An interesting episode in each series is the “South Park Kenny dies.” Kenny stirred all the episodes of lost in almost all of them, so for some time, it is not in bodily form, and it is in the body, Cartman and thanks to him in contact with the world. This is a very interesting theme and is still shrouded in something of a mystery.

South Park songs Series South Park today, despite the pervasive vulgarity in it collects from television or monitor a lot of people. South Park quotes are often cited with news from the world if this policy, or social situation. This series is for viewers over 16 years, but this is not the only determinant. The man who begins his adventure, the animated series, should also have a large distance to each other and the world around them. In South Park, you can meet with many texts, which may seem distasteful and offensive, if anything, what he hears will be taking to each other.However, if you keep the distance series South Park is the ideal entertainment, light and pleasant comedy with a touch of satire and its original moral.

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