The Blacklist Season 3 Best Quotes

Raymond “Red” Reddington (played by James Spader) is the who’s who of business men. Only Ray is not only selling and marketing the most prominent terrorists, drug dealers, human smugglers, and other such criminals; he also is ex-government. He sells his information to the highest bidder. Elizabeth “Liz” Keen (played by Megan Boone) is a recently graduated profiler, who received “advanced course” training in psychology and behavioral analysis. As she had just started a new job with the FBI, Liz gets summoned without notice, to a warehouse, to be quickly updated on a situation unlike any other. Her ability to profile and communicate clearly will be tested as Red does some profiling of his own. That being said, after a long time in hiding, giving up the wear abouts of important individuals to the highest bidder, Raymond gives himself up at the center of the FBI crest within the building. His wealth of knowledge allows him to make demands. He is willing to cooperate to help the FBI catch the long thought to be dead, Ranko Zamani, if and only if he is allowed to speak with Liz Keen. This blog examines the NBC television show hit series as well as introduces viewers of the blog to information pertaining to “profiling” and “counter-intelligence” and other important information that can help viewers understand the rigors of of a life in law enforcement

I would give anything to be part of that child’s life. But a man made it clear I would never see her, hold her. - Red
Everyone dies someday. - Red
I loved that girl enough to let her go, which is more than you can say. - Dom
No matter what I tried to do, all I brought her was misery and violence. - Red
I can’t live for long with what I feel inside. I don’t see how anyone can. - Red
I did what I've always done... protected you. - Mr. Kaplan
Masha, I'm your father. - Alexander
It’s been years since a man worked this hard to gain my attention. - Scottie
She loved dim sum and Beyonce and those little wooden foot massagers that go under your desk. - Aram
Never underestimate the power of glitter. - Red
I understand why you have collapsed into rubble, I do. And I’m truly sorry. But I’m here to collect on your debt. - Aram
Aram. Set him up with someone for God's sake. He’s like a kid with his first erection on the school bus. - Red