Best Town of Salem Roles

Town of Salem is a great card game that needs you to use a combination of tactics, calculations, and strategy to win. There is a number of roles that diversify the gameplay, making the game way much more replayable. Town of Salem roles is a subject of a great debate with huge speculations concerning which ones are the best, the easiest or over-powered.

We invite you to take a look at this list of roles that are present in the Town of Salem game and finally make your vote. Join the community and determine the best roles for the most pleasant gameplay ever!


Jailor Town of Salem

A unique role in Town of Salem game which takes the side of the good guys, with a little twist. The goal if Jailor is to capture and lynch all of the criminals. He is able to incarcerate people during the day, strike at night, ignore the immunity and block the role.

I’m annoyed they have a town role with unstoppable attack because jailor always screws up

if a jailor is killed and brought back by retrib, do they still have executions? or no?

depends if they've already used their executions when they were still alive



The proud leader of Town of Salem’s good guys. His main ability is to expose himself as a mayor and therefore make his vote equal 3. Mayor then loses the chance to be healed by Doctor but still can be protected by Jailor or Bodyguard. Main goal is to kill all the bad guys.

So, someone claimed mayor when I jailed him, and I told him to reveal the next day or be executed. He did it and after he died. He got salty and reported me for gamethrowing. Seriously, there might be a possibilty for a bodyguard, and he called the "Jailor" a bitch. End of story, just happy like the Beauty and the Beast

I’ve seen people guilty a rvled mayor in a non vamp game (those people are morons)

Yiiikes. Sorry you had to experience that game. It seems like Mayor is the one role that people are consistently trash on.



One of the unique Town of Salem roles. As Veteran you can decide whether you should go on alert or not. If alert is used, you will attack anyone who visits you at night and gain Basic defence along with the ability to ignore role blocking. The ultimate goal is to kill all bad guys.

If Witch wants to controll Vet as first person,but Vet alerts,what will happen?

I actually made a clutch move so I made the evils think I ran out of alerts and there was a witch a bmer,GF,and the consort and my town friend was a vig that ran out of bullets he only shot a neutral,the Mafioso and the Basic defense of the witch so.That night I alerted and I killed all evil roles and town thanks to that alert

When you're vet and you're the last one standing - Basically what happened was, at the end there was me, a town, mafioso and jester. Before then I had attempted a vet bait(can't really remember what happened, but either way I was confirmed vet and mafia left me alone). So then we lynch jester, I abstain and the other two voted guilty(or was it just the mafioso? idr). Alerts - only used one alert until then since evil roles ran for the hills. Wasted it, but then this happened XD



Executioner is one of the roles in Town of Salem that wins only when their target is dead. The player’s goal is to lynch the target that is chosen automatically. Executioner is immune to detection, has no attack at all and possesses only basic defense, making him good only in one position - executing people.

the only problem with this role is that very few people know exe has basic def literally these people are morons



Arsonist in Town of Salem is opposing the Town and is immune to being detected by the Sheriff. He is that pyromaniac that douses people around the town and sets them on fire. There are no alliances or friendships. When Arsonist wants someone dead, it shall be done soon.

as witch every time I find arso I tell them I’m witch and the next night I get burned arso and witch are not compatible


Blackmailer Town of Salem

This one’s name speaks for itself. Blackmailer’s main duty in Town of Salem is to kill everyone who does not kneel to the Mafia. A supporting role, it is based on blackmailing people which can’t speak the next day and communicating with other Mafia members at night. Joins Mafia once other gang members are dead.

I agree that BMer should be MD because BMer can manipulate information

Dude spy and blackmailer were just equal now they call it balance shouldn't the spy keep his powers but cant talk to the medium when they are dead you can also remove the mafia hearing because its useless

I love Blackmailer(s), they help the Mafia"s team by shut down (the mouth) some of the Town Investigative roles trying to bust Mafia members.They can also hear whispers like Spy,too! (But Spy no longer hear whisper). Conclsion: Blackmailers should be Mafia Deception, Not Mafia Support.


Town of Salem Investigator

Another Mafia supporting character in Town of Salem. Play while a Consigliere circles around gathering the information for the Mafia and killing everybody who does not join the ranks. Consigliere always sees the exact target and what it is doing at the moment, whereas the Investigator is given 3 options to choose.

I really wouldn't recommend claiming invest as consig; a good spy will be able to see through the claim even if you change around the results or the people in the results (they'll be able to know from visit patterns that there's a consig and so invest claims will be suspicious). If you're going to claim invest as consig, I would recommend at least helping out evils (giving favorable results to neutrals/maf) and pushing mislynches when possible. Lookout is a better claim most times though, as it's far less predictable and, especially if you find something like escort/trans/TP, you can guess based on people's claims who they visited and "confirm" yourself (at the expense of confirming a town, but it's worth it sometimes).

inv is useless in a quintuple arso game

I think your target was just transported.


when I claim surv d1, I get RBed n1, then mauled by a werewolf n2


why does The Godfather have to force the mafioso to do the work for him, that’s just slavery, free the mafioso


Amnesiac Town of Salem

Amnesiac is one of those Town of Salem roles that belong to Neutral Benign, meaning you can win with anyone. He does not remember his role and you will never win unless you remember it. The strategy builds upon successful selection of the role and anonymity, for pure fun. Highly suitable for skilled trolling.

What if Amne remembers Jailor and later in game the Jailor gets revived while the other Jailor is alive?

amnesiac town of salem my best role

It's a town Unique


Jester Town of Salem

The weirdest guy in Town of Salem by a mile. Jester is full of pain and his mind is lost. The only goal is to let someone lynch the Jester and relieve him from pain. And then to get that idiot from the afterworld, like a true master of jokes and manipulations.

jester haunting pestilence: an unstoppable force meets an invincible object. The ground beneath your feet shudders.

Ok, so I just read up a bit on Pestilence, Horseman of the Apocalypse, and I'm now officially confused. It doesn't make sense as to why a character with an unstoppable attack would be unable to attack a character with an invincible defense. However, it also doesn't make sense as to why an invincible character would be slain with someone with an unstoppable attack. Shouldn't a jester's attack NOT be unstoppable if it can't hurt Pestilence, Horseman of the Apocalypse? Is there any special text if a jester DOES try to haunt Pestilence?

Okay, here is a GREAT way to get lynched as Jester. Make sure not to claim Survivor at the beginning, nor any other immune role. If most suitable, claim a role with no defense. Then, be really dramatic on maybe day 5 or 6 (if you're still alive) and say you were attacked. People are going to probably say, "How are you still alive?" You can be like, "Oh, I'm survivor... yeah?" and this will most likely get you lynched. Remember, DO NOT claim survivor at the beginning. You can also claim multiple roles throughout the game, or say, "I'm (insert role) wait no, I keep misreading my role card." You're welcome.


Transporter Town of salem

If you want someone to get your people out of somewhere and not ask questions, call Transporter. Town of Salem is a dangerous place and that is the guy who can win the game for you. He is from Town Support group and has role blocking and control immunity, making himself very useful.

me as trans: stop hitting yourself gf!


Serial Killer Town of Salem

This guy has to outlive everyone in Town of Salem game to win. He does not side with the bad or good guys and only kills. Serial killer can murder anyone in the night and has the immunity for the same period of time, therefore he cannot die when the sun hides behind the horizon.

sk only bloods the will for escort, consort, and jailor not pirate because pirate is the only good NC role

This was probably my best game as serial killer... (I was Pocket, named after the Jester in Shakespeares "King Lear" since I had a Jester skin.)

Honestly I like this role probably the best. I dunno, but it's been pretty easy for me (unlike something as the godfather, which in my book is the worst role because everything goes wrong when I get it).


disg: I’m disguising amb even though lookout and spy will notice!

Vampire Hunter

how to survive as vh: step 1: say “vamp game” d1 step 2: make sure inv checks you step 3: once confirmed you won’t be a target until you turn into vigi step 4: to prevent being vigi, don’t hunt anyone


jani is a good role, claim med, post cleaned persons will, if disg game, they’ll disg you as a retri (if there is one) and that’s how you win as jani


Witch Town of Salem

One of the coolest Town of Salem roles, the Witch can control one target each night. Controlled people may perform only one action per night which includes murder and investigation. However, the target will know about the control. Witch is immune to Vampire bite and needs to kill all of the Town to win.

Super confused. Was in game with friend and we were in custom.My friend got shot and i was ret and i resurected him. There were 2 witches (one of them was an any role so we didnt know there were 2), 3 maf and an arso and we killed all the maf, 1 witch and the arso and it was left to about 5 people. When we killed the arso we expected a win but it went into night sequence again and we were super confused. That night my friend tried to shoot someone but the witch made them kill themself insted and when we woke up in the morning he was dead but it said town won even with a witch? HELP????

Witch is my favorite role to play, I constantly purchase Witch scrolls. My biggest pet peeve is when there's 3-4 plays left, and the Mafia decide to lynch the confirmed Witch for no reason at all. I have actually played countless games where the Mafia would've won if they would've left me alive. 1. There were 3 people left, me, a Mafioso, and an unknown Town. Mafia decides to lynch me instead of the Townie. I reported the Mafioso, but not the Townie, since it is in his allignments to kill Witches. Anyways, they lynch me, and the Mafia attacks the last Townie. Can you guess what that last Townie was? A Veteran on alert. Both me and the Mafia would've won if we would've lynched the Veteran instead. 2. There were 4 people left, me, a Vampire, a Mafia, and a Medium. Everyone knew eachother's roles, and I told the Mafia that I would win with them. I told them to lynch the Vampire, then he would kill the Medium during the night. You know what he did instead? He lynched me, along with the Medium and the Vampire. The Mafia, being stupid af, attacks the Medium instead of the Vampire, and the Vampire attackes the Mafia. The makes the Vampires win, and not the Mafia. I just had to rant, since it's such an annoying, useless problem. 6/10 times, the Mafia will turn against me, and lynch me. I was wondering if anyone else had these problems with playing Witch.

if your witch, and find arsonist, and tell the arsonist your witch, the next night you’ll get burned


inv vs. consig


lookout: wait, how did my target die if no one visited them? random person: ever heard of the necronomicon moron?


exe never wins with doctor target

Vampire Town of Salem

why crusader is better than bodyguard: Crusader: I like cheddar Bodyguard: oof


Werewolf Town of Salem

Bloodthirsty monster that attacks at Full Moon in Town of Salem. Roles that are quite limited and often automated can be hard to master, as can be with this one. Werewolf can be controlled by Witch or Coven Leader to deal Powerful attacks, strike on his own or attack Jailor if not executed in time.

never mind xD

If you get jailed as a WW he will still be able to execute you...

I had a really randnight as ww, I visited a obvious exe and I attacked 6 people. It tuns out that a sk, a mafioso visited the target and that a transporter had swapped me and the exe and that a witch had controlled me (not realising I was transed) to visit the exe, it was a slaughter


where’s the chocolate pudding?

Framer Town of Salem
Escort Town of Salem

Mafioso Town of Salem

Mafioso in Town of Salem is that guy who does the dirty job for the mafia. It is a unique role that has a vote on who to kill. Mafioso is the right hand of the Godfather and if the latter dies, Mafioso then assumes control over mafia and becomes the Godfather himself.

I feel bad for the mafioso having to do The Godfather’s dirty work


I forgot what I was going to say



Forger Town of Salem