Best Things To Do On Minecraft

Many beginners always ask gamers: "What to do in Minecraft? It's just a stupid pixel video game". Oh, if they only knew how wrong they are. Minecraft has become such an extremely popular game just because its creators always have tons of ideas how to make the game more interesting and exciting. And if you thought that mining is the only thing you can do in this game we have bad news for you. Mining is not the end of Minecraft. There are many other cool Minecraft things such as the building of various exciting things or having fun with your friends which are in the open access for everyone. So you don't need to stop playing the game when you are bored with mining, all you need is to google "What are cool things to do in Minecraft?" or, at least, read this list to the end and you will open up for yourself the whole new world.


Have a War

You've always been a fan of Call of Duty, but now you're obsessed with Minecraft and do not know what to choose? You do not need to make a choice because one of the best things to do in Minecraft is to start a war (virtual). Conquer your neighbours and take their resources (of course, for your roller coaster).


Play Hunger Games

There are many video games based on the survival thematic. That's why the creators of Minecraft decided not just to create a survival mode for the game but take an extremely popular survival theme nowadays as a plot. That's how the Hunger Games mod was created. Fell yourself a Katniss playing Minecraft.


Create a Roller Coaster

If you are totally a child inside, definitely among all cool things to make in Minecraft, you will choose an option of creating the entire Roller Coaster. Don't think how many resources you need to complete this building, think about the fact that you will have your own Roller Coaster!


Build a Volcano

Among other fun things to build in Minecraft, you can create your own volcano. It sounds ridiculous (because who needs a volcano?) but the creators decided that it is a nice idea. That's why create the new Etna (but not Vesuvius, because your Roller Coaster will be destroyed).

Defeat Herobrine



Build a Minecraft Kingdom

There are a lot of cool things to build in Minecraft, but probably the best of them is a chance to create the whole Kingdom. Just imagine that you can become a king simply by clicking on your computer mouse. Create your own kingdom and see how good you are.


Build a Lifesize Replica of Your House

You have plenty of cool things to do in Minecraft but the best of them are definitely related to the real world. This is how we can describe the possibility of building a real full copy of your house inside the game. Re-create everything from the front door up to the type of your toilet.


Troll Your Best Friend

There are a lot of fun things to do in Minecraft but again, the best of them are those related to real life. Using the Minecraft, you can troll your best friend not only live but in the VR as well. In addition, he can do the same so watch out and always be on guard.

Capture Monsters for Fun to Be a Monster Hunter
Make Custom Maps

Build a Big Space Ship

Cool Minecraft builds always connected with some important topics of the modern world. And now you can become Elon Musk of the virtual world because nothing prevents you from building your own spaceship! Explore the faraway galaxies sitting on your chair at home.


Build a Secret Underwater Glass Hideout

For people who love different spy things the best one from all Minecraft cool builds will be a Secret Underwater Glass Hideout. Let no one see you while you see everyone. Explore the pixel underwater world and get a secret underwater base in one bottle.


Build TNT Pyramid Then Blow It Up

Minecraft is an awesome game because its creators always released new mods, more interesting and insane than the previous ones. For example, among other things to make in Minecraft, you can build your own pyramid from TNT blocks and then blow it up enjoying the best VR firework that you will ever have.

Build an underground base
Cheat On a Famous Public Server Hoping Not to Get Banned
Go On an Adventure
Build a Secret Underwater Base
Throw Eggs at Chickens
Have a Creeper Blow Up Your Friend's House On Survival
Dig a 20x20 Hole to the Middle of the Earth
Make a Video
Try to Make a Trampoline With Redstone
Replicate the Olympic Stadium
Go On a Killing Spree
Defeat Wither while riding the Ender dragon
Build a Sky City
Build a Big Statue of Your Hero
Build a 50x50 Castle With 3 or More Floors
Build a City 5 Times Bigger Than Washington
Replicate the Whole World
Make a Factory
Build Statue of Bacon
Build a Life Size Stadium
Create a Survival Only World
Set a Pig On Fire