Famous Racehorses

Horse racing has always been a kind of noble sport. Even today the most famous horse racing competitions can be visited only by the royal family, aristocracy and very rarely by celebrities. But, despite this, many people know about famous racing horses and consider themselves to be fans of racing. Great contribution to this situation was made by the USA, who popularized the horse racing throughout the country and made it a kind of national sport. In this list, we will not argue who is the fastest horse in the world. We just want to write about the famous racehorses of past and present. Some of the candidates have reached the maximum horse top speed during their career. Most of them became famous after they had won some noble tournaments such as Queen Stakes in Aston of Triple Crown prize. But all of them are related to one feature: no one other horse in the world was as fast as these on our list.



Secretariat horse became one of the greatest stallions of all time. He concedes only to Man o' War (race career 1919-1920). In 1973 Secretariat became the first Triple Crown winner in half a century. After his death in 1989, the statue in his honor was erected in the Belmont Park.

One the Greatest Horses there ever was!! Secretariat and Man Of War the Best There Ever Was!!



Seabiscuit horse as a symbol of hope during the Great Depression became a hero of many books and movies. But only a few people know that at the beginning of his racing career Seabiscuit was not very successful. And only since 1936, under the guidance of trainer Tom Smith, he began to win everything.


Man O' War

Man O` War horse together with the Secretariat have become the legends of horse racing. In 1919, Man o' War won 9 of 10 starts in his category around the US. People used to say that if you want to win money you should bet on the Man O` War.


Phar Lap

Australian race horse Phar Lap can help you answer the question "How fast do horses run?". Phar Lap won 37 of 51 races in which he took part and set 8 records. After his death in 1932, parts of his body (skeleton and heart) were taken respectively to the Melbourne Museum and the New Zealand Museum Te Papa Tongareva.



Frankel is one of the most famous race horses nowadays. In 2011 Frankel won the Queen Elizabeth II Stakes at Ascot. After that, he was given the rating 143 which at that moment was the highest rating over the last 40 years. Today Frankel continues his career.



Ruffian was one of the fastest horses ever which is reflected in her name. She had a short but very lucid career. Before her death in 1975, he won about 20 races in just 3 years. The memory of Ruffian is still kept by workers and visitors of Belmont Park where she was buried.


Black Caviar

Black Caviar is a modern but already retired race horse from Australia. She was named the World Champion Sprinter in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 according to the official international ranking. The owner of Black Caviar is 100% right guy to ask “How fast can horses run?”.



A lot of experts who name Man O` War the best race horse ever also admitted that Citation was one of the fastest horses in history. In 1948 he became a Triple Crown winner and the first horse who won $1 million. He also won 16 consecutive races in major stakes race competition.



Zenyatta got to the list of the famous racehorses due to the fact that she won 19 consecutive races in a 20-race career. It is still an unbroken record. After a brilliant career in 2010, she retired and moved to a special farm for retired race horses.


Seattle Slew

And the last on our list is another winner of Triple Crown in 1977. It is obvious that a Triple Crown winner becomes one of the most famous race horses in the history. Also, Seattle Slew was ranked 9th in the list of Top 100 U.S. Racehorses in the 20th century.