Best Hybrid Animals

Some may call them freaky and bizarre animals, some may find them irresistibly sympathetic, but before you decide if you are going to like hybrid animals or not, take a look at top ten hybrid animals. Hybrid animals are products of mixing two breeds of animals with the same genus. They are usually infertile, and most commonly are the product of human interference in genetics.



Coywolves are the real hybrid animals. These peace-loving creatures rarely attack people but they are a danger to livestock. These hybrids are patient observant and more adapted to life in the modern environment. They appeared due to the migration. Population is high because these predators have always bred more than wolves.



One of the mixed animals that was obtained as a result of artificial insemination. This hybrid exists only in captivity. Scientists wanted to get the same hardy and unpretentious animal as a camel, and the same "woolen" like a lama. These hybrids have a small height, thick, pleasant to the touch fur, as well as they are enduring and strong.



These hybrid animals occur only in captivity. It is the largest hybrid in Felidae family, the liger reaches 3.5 meters in length. The pale stripes dominate on this animal, and the mane develops later than on lions. These big cats are the result made by disreputable people to produce a freak that ignorant people will pay to see.


Blood Parrot Cichlid

To the list of hybrid animals we can include very unusual and beautiful fish - Blood Parrot Cichlid. They are quite calm, non-conflict and peace-loving. They differ not only in their bright colors, but also an unusual form of head and mouth, which resembles a parrot's beak. This fish is very active, so it needs a lot of free space.


Killer Bees

These hybrid animals appeared in Brazil and were imported from Africa. These bees are not as dangerous as everyone think. If someone approached their hive, they immediately begin to attack, and can pursue the victim up to 2 km. Killer bees are very productive, but dangerous because numerous stings can cause death.



Uncommon mixed animals that live only in captivity. The size and other parameters of this hybrid are an average between the original species. Wholphins became real TV stars and local celebrities. They are smart and sociable. They quickly learn commands and complicated tricks to entertain tourists.


Grolar Bear

These hybrid animals are very rare, they mostly live in a zoo, but in 2006 one was met in the wild. Their behavior is more similar to polar bears. They also inherited a bright color and aggression from their polar ancestors. There are only three confirmed cases of hybridization in nature



Zebroids - the name of a whole group of real hybrid animals. People in Africa likes them due to its stamina. These creatures appear in the wild very rarely. Individual representatives of zebroids exist in many countries of the world. They also resistant to the tsetse fly bite and more amenable to training than zebras.


Yakow or Dzo

These mixed animals can be used for transportation of heavy loads. They can carry a cart weighing up to 600 kg. This hybrid looks like cow with a ponytail. People use these animals in agriculture and get more meat and milk. People receive up to 5000 liters of milk which is quite tasty and smells good.


Savannah Cat

To real hybrid animals we can include popular Savannah Cat. It requires space and movement, adores walking outdoors and swimming, and gets along with pets. Savannah cat looks large due to the elongated body. This is very intelligent cat that will be your loyal companion.