Best XCOM 2 mods

Have you ever heard about XCOM 2? Definitely, you have. This is turn-based tactics video game that was released in 2016. The plot is the same as both parts of the game have much in common. The army of aliens won the battle and took the Earth under their control. The humankind lives in a big city where poverty and illnesses are well-spread phenomena. Freedom exists only in suburbs where XCOM organization was created.

What are the best XCOM 2 mods? We have supplemented previous game with brighter colors, qualified UI, new enemies, and characters. You can download XCOM 2 mods for free and install on Windows, Linux, or other PC platforms. One more surprise for you – it is possible to change mods during missions and levels. Moreover, there is a mod that gives a game Japanese style. Please note that you are required to read the instructions to prevent the problems with saving results. Have fun with it!


Full Character Customization From Start

This one of the best XCOM 2 mods allows you fully customize the looks of soldiers. At the beginning of the game, a special menu will appear where you can choose hairstyle, clothes, and accessories for a character. Moreover, you can make a short preview of available stuff for a soldier. It will make your game more diverse.


Ink and Paint

Are you not completely satisfied with our XCOM 2 mods? Here is one more. This is to inform you that you can choose different face and arm tattoos for soldiers and make them unique and invincible. Moreover, there is an opportunity to use different face paintings and styles for disguise. The system is easy and free.


Capnbubs Accessories Pack

This mode was created to make the clothing set for soldiers more diverse. We improved helmets and arms. Moreover, we added noggin-based accessories and kevlar armor. That will ensure you that a soldier is well-protected and can start fighting. Enjoy your missions with best XCOM 2 mods.


Uniforms Manager

This was created to simplify the gameplay. When a soldier dies, his uniform disappears as well. With this best XCOM 2 mods, you can save and reapply previously created uniform, and do not waste your gaming time in vain. Moreover, you can investigate the story of your outfits and use existed pattern.


Military Camouflage Patterns

With this one of XCOM 2 best mods, you can be proud of your soldiers and create a professional look for them. Do you ask “How”? Now you have the opportunity to choose one of the real-world camouflage patterns. It means that you will have unique symbols. More details you will find out later.


Star Wars Helmets

Are you a fan of Star Wars? Now you can bring the part of it to your game. Your character will have the accessories and helmets as in films. Moreover, it will help you to kick your target and be accurate. In the best XCOM 2 mods you have well-equipped helmets that are bulletproof.


CP Halo Spartans

Perhaps it is not one of the most important of XCOM 2 mods, but it makes a game more realistic. Now you can choose names for soldiers straight from the books about Spartans. They will stand out with such names from the other players and enemies. Do not hesitate and name your hero.


Custom Face Paints

It is a well-developed and improved system of disguising for soldiers. Now you can manually draw the lines under eyes, and paint their foreheads. This one of the best XCOM 2 mods will make you a creator of a team and game in general. In case of questions address to settings.


Advent Armor

Are you confused about such big variety of accessories and clothes? Keep calm and follow our tips. With XCOM 2 best mods you have a special list of outfit that you can manage. It gives you opportunity to change helmets or armor at different levels. Moreover, your soldiers can carry out everything with them.


Free the Hood

This mod is connected with the appearance of the main character. You can add new equipment to helmet, change sunglasses, or even put on jewelry. With XCOM 2 best mods, you can create several faces at the same time. You can use settings and manage your options. Moreover, each of these updates is free.