The best MMOs

The sophisticated modern technologies create multiple gaming platforms which allow the users to forget about the reality and plunge into the world of fantasy. Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (which is more widely known as MMORPGs) attract millions of people around the globe. Such type of games gives you the opportunity to focus on developing the hero which you have chosen at the beginning, as well as enjoy the cooperation with other gamers.

Each MMOs demand lots of time, attention, and concentration. If you have started playing, it is likely that you will stay with this game for quite an extended period of time. Therefore, if you need to make a choice on the best MMO right now, you'd better look through their reviews in order not to waste time. We've prepared Top 10 best MMOs which will help you to find the most suitable option which will satisfy your specific requirements right now.


The Secret World

The World is divided into three camps; each of them is eager to gain control over everyone. Your hero will get the invitation to join the secret team which will give you various tasks to complete. The Secret World if one of the top MMOs which will preserve its intrigue throughout the whole plot.


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy has its fanatic gamers all over the world. The protagonists of the game cooperate to combat the Big Evil. The design and graphics are professionally and meticulously made including the slightest details. This best MMO provides a realistic imagery of the fantastic world.


Guild Wars 2

You can begin discovering the world of vibrant and exciting Tyria. Create your hero and develop his or her personal qualities as well as individual skills. Reach the 80th level to become the best player ever! If you are starving for good, high-quality MMOs, you will find Guild Wars 2 very attractive.


The Elder Scrolls Online

For many Internet users, The Elder Scrolls remains one of the best MMO games because of its perfectly designed fantastic world. Your main aim is to save the Universe from serious danger, and you have to bravely overcome all the major and minor difficulties which arise on your way.



Black Desert Online is rapidly gaining popularity as the best MMO right now. It is a super successful combination of really realistic graphics and professional game mechanics that we have been dreaming of. Don't miss a chance to discover the fantastic world of Black Desert which has really unlimited opportunities.



One of the top MMOs TERA will charm from the first sight. You get a character of the 20th level and discover the history of Arborea. After the prologue, you choose your hero and develop it from scratch. You have an opportunity to try the "pumped" character to understand whether you like the selected class


Star Wars: The Old Republic

Are you a good or bad hero? Choose the side and start playing one of the best on the list of MMOs. Enjoy the game as well as the unfolding plot of the story. Investigate the fantastic world while flying between various planets of the Star Wars Universe on your spacecraft. That's truly spectacular!



EVE Online remains at the top MMO games for almost ten years. It attracts the gamers from all continents because of its challenging and thrilling plot. You will be involved in the politics, economy, trading, and your actions will influence thousands of players. Feel the power with EVE online.


Wurm Online

Wurm Online is a great game to find pleasure in total freedom of your choices. Invite your friends to wander around your Wurm Universe. It is one of those good MMOs which allow you to play in the large gaming sandbox. Build houses, castles, cities, buy sophisticated weaponry – the freedom is all yours!


World of Warcraft

The World of Warcraft is one of the top MMOs which is played all over the world. You can opt for the side of the conflict, the race of the character and one of the many classes, as well as explore the world, gather with other players. Get immersed in the whole universe of Warcraft!