Best Horror Games

Check out our top horror games and add the adrenalin to your life. We have prepared for you a list of games that will impress you and open new virtual world. These games have easy installation and run on Windows, Linux, and other PC platforms.

The aim of the best horror games is to escape from an endless legion of monsters, kill different ghosts, and, stay alive. You have a great variety of weapons and armors. As a player, you have an opportunity to create the look of your hero and choose a corresponding strategy. Moreover, every game creates an atmosphere of realistic sounds, colors, and emotions. While you are running the corridor, do not look back because tremendous monster follows you. You can also try the ones where you are on the dark side, and your hero kills people dreadfully. Are you scared or not? Let your gaming process be exciting and fascinating.



Anchorhead is a story of a couple that bought a house in a dreadful place near New England. Your hero is a woman who tries to reveal all the secrets of new dwelling. It is one of the best horror games that is rich in different stages, levels, and missions. Are you a brave person?



According to a survey, it is one of the darkest horror games that are available today. Let this game be a mystery to you. The essential thing that you should know is that every level hides numerous horrible surprises and quests. Our small tip - keep calm and do not play it at night.


Stories Untold

It is a set of four adventures that the hero should accomplish. As a player, you operate a virtual computer and change the locations of missions. The interesting fact is that these four different places have no logical connection; nevertheless, it makes this dark horror game unique and attractive. We wish you to be easy-tempered.


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

It is a kind of Survival Horror game. You are a member of Special Tactics and Rescue Squad. Your aim is to reveal the series of mysterious murders. This one of the scariest games that gives you opportunity to be responsible for humanity and decide the fates of enemies. Remember - a goal is peace, not war.



We know Inside as a puzzle-platformer adventure game. You control the actions of a guy that should complete various missions and quizzes. Use your creativity and erudition to solve them easily and quickly. Typically, you will use left and right arrows to show the way. Play it without hesitation.


System Shock 2

Are you fond of space and aliens? If yes, you should play this good horror game. The main plot is connected with a war in the space. Your hero controls a spaceship with perfect equipment. It makes a game realistic and exciting. Your aim is to win a battle and save the planets.


Thumper (video game

It is a "rhythm violence" scariest game where you are a silver beetle. The brightest peculiarity of a game is that it has tense and compressed sounds that give you the power to act. Your aim is to guide this beetle though different levels of virtual worlds. Be ready for complicated quizzed and unexpected results.


Silent Hill 2

We reckon that you have watched that film. Here the main hero is psychologically damaged widower. He is frustrated because of real life and tries to imagine a world without evil. When he looks in the mirror, he sees zombies, monsters, and afterlife world. What would you do? Try this good horror game and break your stereotypes.



EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) is the main feature of this dark horror game. During different levels and missions, you are a witness to the dreadful sounds and screaming. Sylvio is well-written that is why be sure that you will be impressed by it. An interesting fact is that you will play it from the first-person point.


Outlast 2

It is considered as one of the most interesting and scariest games on this list. You are a journalist who should find the lost women. You use the night vision mode to work at night. You cooperate with your wife. Something strange happened to her. You will find out more details during a game.