Best PS4 Multiplayer Games

If you want to spend free time with your friends, it will be a great idea to find the most exciting PS4 multiplayer games to have fun together. You can play in different teams or fight against the bosses in one company either to save the planet from global catastrophe or just for the shooting fun. You can choose to become world-known heroes or take a character of horrible monsters. Decide on the one strategy of your interactive gameplay and show the big bosses who the leaders are. These best multiplayer PS4 games will take you in the world of virtual reality which is full of fantastic forces, sophisticated graphics, magic, and unusual tricks.

So, turn on your Play Station 4 on and wait for your friends to join the games. Don't get upset when one of you turns out to be the best player!


Grand Theft Auto: Online

Being one of the coolest games for single players, GTA is even more awesome while playing online with your friends. The GTA world is waiting for your notoriety for wreaking havoc on the streets. It is one of the best multiplayer PS4 games allowing you to think through strategic plans to commit the best thefts.



If you are not afraid of blood, try performing your own surgery. Ask your courageous friends to help you with choosing the right scalpel and save lives of your virtual patients. This game can be useful for doctors-to-be. Learning can be fun with such best PS4 multiplayer games.



Choose any character which you like and ask your friends to join your team of shooters. The name of the team is Overwatch. You will have to save the planet from crisis and bring peace. Have fun by playing multiplayer games for PS4 with your friends who will now play the role of real heroes.


Mortal Kombat X

Are you fond of those multiplayer games PS4 which turn you and your friends into strong, courageous fighters? Then, Mortal Kombat X will impress you with its technology of a new generation, combining a dynamic gameplay and awesome cinematic image. The fights are bloody and gruesome!



Resogun is one of those fun multiplayer games which is for two people to play online. You can complete the game in one evening, but it is quite possible that you will return to it again and again. At least for the sake of rising in the general standings one rank higher.



Broforce is a team of problem-solving professionals who work for the US government. You can become one of those heroes who are popular all over the world: Rambo, Snake Broskin, Bro Dredd, and other 30 characters. Play the best multiplayer games PS4 to outpace your friends and raise the American flag as the winner!


Resident Evil: Revelations 2

Try this Survival Horror which is one of the best multiplayer games. You will have to cooperate with your friend because only the mutual decisions will lead your team to the happy end. One of you will be responsible for the precise shooting, and another will help you with strategy.


Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

Here is one of the best multiplayer PS4 games with specific humor, gripping game mechanics, charismatic characters and dangerous bosses to fight with. It is a funny first-person shooter gameplay. There is quite a big amount of interesting content and insane atmosphere of endless fun.



When you grow up, Lego Game becomes no more about constructing buildings. Now it is one of those good multiplayer games which will make you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Choose your favorite lego hero to combat the army of evil sharks which has invaded your territory!



If you adore science-fiction, Destiny is a perfect choice for multiplayer PS4 games. Everything happens in the XVIII century when the humanity experiences the global catastrophe. Now people have settled the new City which is above Earth, but they discover that somebody is living there. The war begins, and you decide who the winners are.