Best ‘Tales of’ Games

The Tales series are popular because of their interwoven and intriguing plots which make the gamers wholly immersed in the virtual world of fantasy. You fight with magical creatures, horrible monsters, evil people, or natural forces. You complete the tasks one by one and simultaneously become involved in the unfolding gripping story. Most Tales of Games can be completed after 40 or more hours but this time will be definitely unforgettable. Any time you begin playing, you will feel personal importance because you are the hero who should save either somebody or even the whole world.

Can you imagine the happiness which you feel after saving the planet or somebody's life? It is amazing. If you have experienced it once, you will return to the best Tales game again and again. And it is no wonder because each game has an exceptionally unique story to make the players excited and engrossed!


Tales of Berseria

Dark, bloody, but lifelike – this is how this type of Tales of games will look like from the first sight. The protagonist is a young girl Velvet; she has lost everything because of one man who does bad things. She demands revenge, and the feeling of anger will increase unless she completes what she wants...


Tales of Destiny

Tales of Destiny is a pioneer of its best Tales game series which were spread in North America. You play as an adventurer Stahn Aileron who is pursuing fame. The world where he lives is in the continuous war because of inequality. Although the game was released ten years ago, it is popular till now.



If you like traditional JPRG, Tales of Graces will appeal to you. It is the best Tales of game regarding its unique Style Shift Linear Motion Battle System. Although there are minor bugs which sometimes distract but the HD graphics, fascinating plot makes 40 hours of gameplay full of entertainment.


Tales of Zestiria

The world is dying; the yields are destroyed, hunger and illnesses are killing people. Everyone is in panic, and the war breaks out. However, there is one Shepherd who tries to bring peace to the humanity. His supernatural power helps him to ask magical creatures for help. Tales of series are the best at PS4!


Tales of Phantasia

A bad guy is trying to collect the energy of the world, but the heroes confront him in different epochs. This is the main idea of Tales of Phantasia which has a high rank in the world list of Tales games. The plot is dashingly twisted, and that creates a unique mix of sensations.


Tales of Xillia 2

Every journey starts with a single step. Xillia 2 is the type of Tales game which is extremely engaging regarding the plot. Here is where the story is interlaced with the fascinating gameplay. You will find out new fairy tales as well as ancient spirit legends.



The games which are designed by Telenet Japan and Wolfteam become popular all over the world. The second part of the Destiny II is the best Tales game compared with the previous versions. Here you can earn Gald by defeating rivals or finding treasure boxes. The world of the game is fantastic!


Tales of Legendia

It is a touching story about feelings which unite people. The protagonist is traveling on a boat, but he doesn't manage to complete the journey successfully. He encounters a huge island which appears to be a strange secret ship full of terrible monsters and beasts. Such Tales games prove that heroes do exist!


Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

The world of the Tales of games is huge, filled with riddles, adventures and unexpected encounters. There are no casual battles – all the enemies are visible on the map, the fights pass quickly. You'll need approximately 40 hours of playing time, and it will not be boring.



Radiant Mythology is well-liked Tales of series due to its dynamic real-time battles, realistic 3D graphics and available customization of the character. The beautiful and prosperous ancient Terresia land is destroyed by Devourer. The world tree is gradually losing its power, but you can help it to survive!