A great popularity during past few years has got a Warframe. Since its start in 2013 that online shooter has acquired even a personal Wikia web-page, over 60,000 everyday players and repute of perfect futuristic game.

Warframe is a chance to go through the world full of battles, enemies and dangers. It sounds like the typical game to relax and enjoy – and it actually is! A Warframe gives a chance to play for a member of Tenno, ancient warriors who have just awoken from centuries of cryosleep and ready for a war with their enemies – Grinner, the Corpus and the Infested. Actually, the warframes are remote controlled high-technical suits with unique abilities which Tenno use to fight with enemies. And it`s obvious there is no agreement between fans who is the best warframe. So we decided to create our list of the best waframes and here it is:


Warframe Loki

Again a warframe whose name was inspired by Scandinavian mythology. Like his prototype, Loki doesn`t have great power or heavy armor. But there are no better in deception, distraction, relocation, sabotage and stealth. Those abilities make Loki a unique warframe who is best in that class of skills and also an indispensable part of the team.


Warframe Equinox

Warframe Equinox unites forces of light and darkness and this fact allows her to be flexible and effective in both cases. But the player has to use a unique method to create Equinox: he must forge both the Equinox Night Aspect and Equinox Day Aspect in the Foundry to build the warframe.


Warframe Frost

With a cape common to the assassin`s one that warframe is completely opposite to Valkyr. Frost is heavily-armored, slow character which is better to use in a distance combat. He is able to freeze and slay enemies with powerful blizzards. That`s why he deservedly take place on our list of best warframes.


Warframe Trinity

Everyone needs a supporting teammate who always can cover you. Trinity is definitely one of the the best warframes and that makes her an honor. Defensive powers give her an ability to redirect and atomize attacks upon herself and her teammates. Also, she has immortal skin from her chest to abdomen.



Vauban is a multilateral warframe who has an aptitude to manipulate and take control under a battlefield. That power makes him a perfect version for tactician players and put him into the list of top warframes. Also he has special ability – Bastille: a possibility to entrap enemies in a motionless state.


Warframe Nova

Completely offensive warframe with a power to ruin and destroy entire squads of enemies. But destructive warframe Nova abilities have consequences – she is absolutely defenseless, has low shield capacity and lack of health. But because of its speed and demolishing power, she is one of the best warframes.



Also inspired by the mythology, but the Greek one, she can use her power to break the movement and coordination of enemy. These abilities allow her to take one of the first places on our list of warframes. Fans say that Nyx was probably based on Nemesis.


Warframe Valkyr

The most colorful and well-designed suit from the warframe list. Inspired by Scandinavian mythology it is a berserker-themed warframe who attempts madness attacks, accompanied by cries of anguish. It happens so because in past Valkyr was an object of mad science provided by the Corpus scientists.


Warframe Mirage

That warframe was represented in update 14.0. She can manipulate with a spectrum of light and uses it to disarm opponents. Her greatest power is mirrors and she uses them to produce smoke, illusions, magic tricks and because of that she probably could be the best warframe among others.


Warframe Rhino

That suit is the best warframe in a case of rude power. Fans of X-men can find common characteristics between Rhino and Juggernaut: both are heavily-armored with great strength and stamina. He`s a unique and one of the best class of warframe because of not carrying any weapon using only a brute force.