Warframe Best Bow

Everybody knows that bows are an inalienable part of RPG characters. That`s why, despite the fact that Warframe is an online game, its authors decided it will be a nice idea to provide players with combat bows. If you`ve read our Top 10 best warframes you remember it`s a game about a high-technologic race of warriors with awesome battle suits. So a Top 10 warframe best bow seems to be ridiculous. And it`s obvious such a warriors have unbelievable future weapons, sometimes even unknown for us.

But game developers decided to fill the game up with a spirit of ancient battles and traditional war equipment. That`s why they added such type of primary weapons as bows. Disputes about best bow of Warfame were predictable, but they reached such a great resonance that we decided to make our traditional Top 10 about warframe`s bows. It doesn`t matter you agree or disagree – just read it.



One of the most deadly bows. Usually, gamers use dread warframe when they want to tell about bladed arrows. Dread is very effective against Infested, Flesh and Cloned Flesh. Also, it`s one of the most critical chance weapons. But you should remember that Dread is useful for close quarters.

its strong.


Cernos Prime

Warframe Cernos Prime bow the first in our list isn`t accidentally but because of its advantages. Cernos Prime fires three arrows per shot has increased damage and is absolutely silent. But also it gives max damage only in a full charge, has slow reload and a bit long arrow travel time.

YES!!! Cernos Prime warframe best bow ever!


Paris Prime

Second place has hot Warframe Paris Prime bow. It has an unusual appearance in comparison with the rest but also pretty nice characteristics. Paris Prime has a high base and charge damage and high damage in a full charge. Also it is silent and can kill multiple enemies in a line.


Rakta Cernos

A name of the fastest bow in Warframe – Rakta Cernos. This modification of Cernos is famous for Blight effect, high critical chance and of course for its short charge time. Rakta Cernos has almost no disadvantages. This fact makes it one of the best bows in our Top 10 list.



Warframe Daikyu bow is copied from Japanese asymmetrical yumi bow. It must be fully charged before the player can make a shot (and it has very low charge speed too). Also, Daikyu resets a draw after 5 seconds of being fully charged. With such characteristics, even a fastest arrow flight speed of all the other bows doesn’t do an honor for Daikyu.



Probably known for its modification – Cernos Prime, Cernos for me is a legendary combat bow because it is a base for Rakta Cernos, Mutalist Cernos and, of course, Cernos Prime. Cernos is effective against shields which makes it a perfect variant for enemies of Corpus. Although Cernos less effective than Cernos Prime it continues to be a legend.


Paris Bow

The last in our list of best Warframe weapons is Paris bow. Well, it is useful if you have a chance to kill the enemy by one shot. Also, it is less effective against shields and health. Fans say Paris was named after legendary bower Paris of Troy in Homer`s Iliad.


Mutalist Cernos

Our choice of the Warframe best bows would be unfair without Mutalist Cernos. It is an Infested modification of Cernos. When it hits an enemy or an object, bow`s spore creates a 10-second toxic cloud that provides damage to all enemies around. Mutalist Cernos is intended for stealth missions.



Attica from Warframe is a Tenno automatic crossbow. It is even slower than Zhuge that makes Attica the slowest automatic weapon in all Warframe universe. But there are such advantages as dealing high damage per shot; also it fires bolts and damages a crowd. In general, Attica has less speed but better damage characteristics than Zhuge.



Zhuge from Warframe isn`t actually a bow, it`s a crossbow. But game authors put them into one category (well, probably they know better). Zhuge has typical crossbow characteristics: it`s effective against armor, has high critical and status chance, but also has low reload time and high recoil. It`s named after Chinese inventor Zhuge Liang.