Pillars of Eternity refers to those instincts that have fallen asleep long ago. This is a role-playing game about a dangerous world with hazards and gruesome battles. After a couple of hours of gameplay you will get used to the type of traveling which you haven’t used for many years: searching for traps carefully, stealthily, meticulously and avoiding battles that you do not want to get involved in yet. Although the game is amazing in its original version, there are lots of Pillars of Eternity mods which improve its quality, fix some bugs, add new opportunities for gamers in developing the battle techniques for their heroes. The following mods vary in their functions, and some of them are massive while others just aim at changing several nuances. The options are all in front you, read the short description, download the mod, and continue playing using all those advantages.


Super Ultimate Portrait Pack

It is a huge collection of portraits for Pillars of Eternity. It contains various portraits from the popular games such as Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Neverwinter Nights and others. This mod for Pillars of Eternity allows gamers to preserve the existing portraits of the game as well as have many new ones.


Shaders of Eternity

Without this Pillars of Eternity mod, the surrounding world in the game will look quite mundane, grey, dull. However, the colors are much improved with the Shaders of Eternity. The battles look more striking and vibrant now. It is a real proof that while playing colors and shades do matter!


Censorship BE GONE Original Memorial Text

There is no room for censorship for hardcore gamers if they have downloaded new Pillars of Eternity mods. You can read the original version of the memorial text written by Firedorn Lightbringer, or you can keep the censored version. Try both and compare the variants to choose the best for you.


IE Mod

The main feature of the IE mod for Pillars of Eternity is the ability to rebuild the interface of the game. Everything depends on your taste. Drag items, change positions and sizes, the color and width of the ring of the character status. This mod reminds about good old days spent with Infinity Engine games.

love it


Druid Spiritshift - Unlimited Duration

The druids’ ability to transform into mythical beasts and receive supernatural power is stunning. If you adore this druids’ feature, you can make them stay in the spirit-shifted forms for as long as you need. In this mod for Pillars of Eternity, you can keep the transformation throughout the whole battle and even after.


Sharp and Furious

If you prefer to preserve the default ambiance of the game, it’s a good idea to try Sharp and Furious Pillars of Eternity mods. It doesn’t change the traditional coloring and doesn’t make it warmer as in the previous mod, but it improves the sharpness of the image. No more blurred pictures.


Baldur’s Gate Portraits PoE

If the previous mod included only some portraits from Baldur’s Gate, this one offers you the whole spectrum of its portraits, which are directly downloaded to your Pillars of Eternity game. The latest version of the mod accounts for approximately 70 portraits which include all races. That’s a really incredible choice.


Lore Friendly Memorials

In these Pillar of Eternity mods, almost all of the Backer Memorial are edited, the overall number of them account for more than 500. The area map memorials are also changed into smaller sizes, and they become Lore Friendly. Finally, there will be no tombstone graffiti.


Silent Kana

Are you annoyed with listening to chanting during the battle? Check this new Pillars of Eternity stream which creates Silent Kana. It doesn’t stop him from chanting, but you will simply not hear that. Now you can concentrate on the battle fully without any disturbing sounds.


Pallegina’s Portrait Fix

This small mod is vital for perfectionists. Whether you’ve noticed or not, but in the original Pallegina’s Portrait, there is kind of a problem with her left eye, and this makes her look weird. This Pillars of Eternity mod fixes the bug, and the portrait becomes as natural as it should be.