A great thing about good video games is that we remember all the details of these games. For example, true fans of Call of Duty can name all Soap teammates in one second, or fans of Assassin`s Creed can tell you about all Ezio`s women. I would rather say it`s fairly to define game either good or bad using this rule. GTA was always a kind of special game, at least for me. I suppose everyone remembers the mission with a toy helicopter in Vice City and Ballas gangsters from San Andreas. After the release of GTA 5, there was a discussion across the Internet about the fastest bike in GTA 5. We decided to join the discussion and express our opinion on this very important topic. Here you get our Top 10 GTA 5 motorcycles. Please do not argue or write us about our dullness – it`s just our personal choice.


Shitzu Hakuchou Drag

Oooh, that`s my favorite. Remember I said about the fastest motorcycle in GTA 5? Here it is - Hakuchou Drag. The “King of Bling,” long, chromed and lowered – every second person wants to have it in real life. Just imagine the feelings you would get from that ride in real life. It’s unbelievable.


Gargoyle - GTA V

Some fans say the best motorcycle GTA V is Gargoyle. To tell the truth, its design reminds me some of the self-made bikes in real life I`ve seen on the streets. Also, it looks like the bike from Pimp my Ride. Nevertheless, this bike has a large steering radius and V-Twin engine model with a distinctive odd-firing idle sound.


Rat Bike

What is the fastest car in GTA 5? – you’re right, Rat Bike. Really rusted, trashed and old-schooled bike based on the Harley Davidson KKF 14. This bike is a definitely nice choice for the player – such brutal, dirty, powerful and awesome as the gameplay. It also has damaged but working speedometer.


Shitzu Hakucou

In GTA 5 Hakucou is represented like a sportbike. Like no other sportbike, it has excellent speed and acceleration. Again, the designers said: "This super-fast sports bike can take you from zero to permanent vegetative state in under two and a half seconds.” Well, it seems to be the truth.


Bati 801

Haters of Hakuchou Drag say that Bati is the GTA 5 fastest bike and can beat Hakuchou Drag at a half of maximum speed. GTA Wiki says it is very stable and nimble “cutting edge” bike. In my opinion, Bati isn`t as good as Hakuchou Drag, but this is my personal opinion. Anyway, it`s a great motorcycle to end our list.


BF 400

I feel great and my arms get goosebumps when I think about BF 400. Personally for me, it`s not only the GTA 5 best motorcycle but also the best GTA bike ever (I`m just a big fan of San Andreas). And it does not matter that it is the slowest sportbike in the game - it's an immortal classic.



The most awesome bike of all. In terms of design, Shotaro is definitely the best motorcycle in GTA 5. Such a futuristic design makes you think it’s an unreleased prototype of Tesla`s new vehicle. Some people say it was inspired by Tron movie – I`m not competent in that case, but I know that Shotaro probably one of the best bikes in the game.


Ruffian - GTA V

List of GTA 5 motorcycles would not be completed without such a monster. Produced by Italian firm Pegassi and based on Ducati`s design Ruffian, it is one of the fastest bikes in the game. It has a water-cooled engine that gives bike such an incredible speed. By the way, "Ruffian" is a word used to describe a violent person.


Cliffhanger - GTA V

We continue our GTA V motorcycles` Top 10 and the next in our list is rally Cliffhanger. Designers said: "There's only one reason to buy a Cliffhanger, but it's all the reasons you need.” And when you see this bike, its color spectrum and abilities, you fall in love in few seconds.


Carbon RS

If we speak about GTA 5 fastest motorcycle we can definitely name a Carbon RS. It`s a lightweight bike that can easily reach top speed in just a few seconds. Carbon RS was inspired by the Ducati 1199. But not everyone of you saw it because it`s available only for owners of the Collector's Edition.