There are numerous fans of video games in the world. Some love shooters, another – strategy games, other – races, PRGs and so on. But at one point smart designers decided to make a game which will combine elements of different genres. Rocket League is such a game. When we hold a discussion about the Rocket League best car we have to take into account not only the race characteristics but also the soccer skills. It may sound strange, but it is true, because Rocket League, actually, is a vehicular soccer video game. Player has to play a soccer using race cars to score a goal (and a soccer ball actually a few times bigger than race cars). To choose the best car in Rocket League you definitely have to play all of them. Despite the ridiculous explanation of gameplay Rocket League received generally positive reviews , and critics said it was an exciting and fun game.


Octane ZSR

And the last in our list of best Rocket League cars is a modified version of Octane – Octane ZSR. The new Octane does not have any big changes, so it`s fine. Someone says it`s bad, others that it`s good enough and the truth about Octane ZSR is that it`s just tuned copy of ordinary Octane.



Aftershock fairly takes place in our list of Rocket League-best cars because of its skills. One streamer said: “It`s not a plane – this is a car”. That phrase illustrates exactly the first impression of the Aftershock. It was released with the Rocket League Collector's Edition in 2016.



When reading online forums, it seems that Rocket League Takumi is one of the favorite racing cars for fans. Fans say that the sound of the Takumi engine is very rewarding and it feels better than the Octane. Also, Takumi has one of the best stats along with Dominos and Road Hog.


Octane - Rocket League

Octane from the Rocket League is a little and tiny battle car – such stuff can say people who have never played the Rocket League. But Octane has remained the most popular body in the game since Rocket League's release. And it is unlocked at the beginning of the game.



Dominus in Rocket League is probably the most famous among other race cars. There is the fact that the Dominus seems to shoot the ball harder than other cars. And because of this fact, it is an excellent choice for a car, even though it lacks speed and armor.


Breakout - Rocket League

This car looks like an increased toy car for children. The main advantages of Breakout are speed, mobility and flat bonnet (helps score goals), but it definitely isn`t the Rocket League best car. All the fans of Judge Dredd 1995 movie may compare Breakout with ordinary police cars in the movie.


Dominus GT

Also known as “Muscle Car 2”, Dominus GT received such an honored nickname fairly. It`s designed after old-fashioned Ford Mustang 1969. In fact, Dominus could be the best Rocket League car because it is one of the most popular cars by pro players. The traditional color of cold flame makes it even more awesome.



Despite the fact that "Batman vs. Superman" received a lot of criticism, our game was replenished with another car - Batmobile. Of course, comics’ fans began to claim that Batmobile is the best car in Rocket League. The car was added during the promotion of the film but it`s still not as popular as other battle cars used in the Rocket League Championship Series.



Fans of big vehicles say Merc is the best car in Rocket League. And this is not surprising because it`s even bigger than Road Hog. Literally, Merc is armored van and nothing else, but this fact gives him destructive look in comparison with others. “Ride fast – beat hard” – that`s the rule.


Road Hog

Road Hog is the battle-car with one of the best Rocket League car stats. It really looks like some kind of monster. When Road Hog is against you on the field, your chances of winning are almost zero. Armored bumper and massive wheels make this car unstoppable.