Best Portal 2 Mods

Portal 2 has been one of the most long-awaited continuations of the first version. And now when you can already wander around those weird rooms just to find the exit, the game has become even better with new Portal 2 mods. It is that situation when modifications look better than the original game. By installing the best Portal 2 mods, a whole new world of Portal will open to you. Now lots of additional chambers with multiple exciting riddles are available. You can even play this game with your friends or try time machine as the helping tool to complete the tests.

We have been looking for the most widely used mods which function without bugs to create the top ten list for you. Now you won't have to browse the net for hours and read thousands of comments about each mod. We have gathered the most significant info for you.



This huge Portal 2 mod aims at recreating the world of the original Portal game. However, the enhanced and more sophisticated version of the Source engine and the more challenging puzzle cues will be taken from Portal 2. Now you can enjoy playing your beloved game in its improved version.

cheak no them mets



Portal 2 is a game about underground adventure, and its setting is gloomy. However, the Portal mods give the opportunity to see how the Aperture looks like if it is not the testing environment. You may need some time to adapt to these changes, but the sky above the protagonist gives the feeling of freedom.


Aperture Ireland

Aperture Ireland is a new story about the test subject in the regional branch of the terrific Aperture. New puzzles are waiting for you; now you can solve them even quicker. Immerse in the dark secret of the facility. With the second release, Aperture Ireland had become one of the best Portal 2 mods.



This new Portal 2 mod unfolds a different story about Mel who is now a test subject. This character has the same aim as Chell does – to survive by finding the exits of each room and completing various tests. The location is Portaland and Mel will have to face all the dangers of Aperture.


Portal 2: Displacement

Do you want to use exciting devices in the game? With new Portal 2 mods, you can fulfill this wish. Displacement is a story-related mod with Warp Cannon device as well as the original Portal Gun. You will have to figure out how these tools can help in solving riddles from 20 new chambers.


The Doors Mod

This is one of the greatest Portal mods for those who like playing with friends. You'd better choose your co-gamer carefully because you will have to rely on each other. If one of you makes the wrong step, both of your lose. Although the map is quite short, it is full of fun.


ALTO - Level 1

Here comes a new chamber full of challenging riddles. Portal 2 mods such as ALTO make the game even more varied, intriguing, and so much funnier. Some gamers claim that the last jump on the ledge is impossible in landing. Try it yourself and prove that nothing is insurmountable for hardcore gamers.



If you dreamt of trying the Time Machine, try Portals mods! You can bring your twin from the past to help you with solving riddles. Your copy will do identically the same actions as you do. Press the button on the time machine to record all your actions and return to the past if necessary.



Gelocity includes three maps which resemble big racing tracks. This Portal 2 mod shows how the game can be turned into something different. If you are eager to complete the track, you should pay attention to the accuracy of your actions and your speed. It is hilarious to play with friends!



If you install the Dilapidation which is one of the best Portal 2 mods, you will again wake up in a destroyed room. Your aim will be again to escape the rooms and do this as quickly as possible. You will find lots of destroyed objects which will come in hand in the next chamber.