Best Couch Co-op Games on PS4

I remember how in 2013 one of the most discussable themes among teenagers was the upcoming release of PS4 and Xbox One. Everyone has had his own point of view and sometimes even great “holy wars” between fans of PS and Xbox happened. There is still no solution to this issue, but after 4 years we at least can name best PS4 co-op games.

Our trained experts decided to take such a risk and played all the games we`re going to mention. So clearly this Top 10 is one of the most substantiated and fairest of all we have done for the last time. We have chosen not only the best PS4 games but the masterpieces of video game industry.

So if you want to play some awesome game and you have a friend who wants to share this experience with you, all you need is to choose a perfect game. So listen and memorize:



Alienation is the last in our list of best coop games. It`s a typical RPG (and I`m surprised that it`s the only RPG on the list). Anyway, Alienation provides you a possibility for a team playing and actually it`s an isometric twin-stick shooter in which one to four players defend themselves against an alien invasion on Earth.


Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Definitely the greatest viral video game of the last few years. There are a lot of video games on the list of the best games for PS4, but Plants vs. Zombies became such popular probably because of its simple idea and gameplay. And, by the fact, nothing unites better than a zombie attack.


Rocket League

Next in the list of co-op PS4 games is already mentioned in previously Top 10 video game - Rocket League. According to the plot of the game, players have to race cars and score goals with these cars. Therefore, it is obvious that a player is more interested to play against another player, rather than against a computer program.



In all times football video games were the most popular type of video games among others. In the list of the best PS4 co-op games, FIFA 17 has taken a straight leader place. All of us during our childhood at least once have played FIFA of PES with parents/brothers/friends, so it`s fairly to say FIFA seems to be one of the most popular co-op games.


Madden 17

An analog of FIFA 17 and also one of the most popular PS4 co-op games in the USA is Madden NFL 17. The same as FIFA 17`s gameplay Madden 17 gives the players a possibility to cooperate with his friend and kick each other asses.



Also along with football video games straight first place in the list of best co-op games for PS4 is taken by shooters. A great popularity of Call of Duty, Battlefield, Far Cry and a lot of others makes Helldivers (shooter about alien wars) a classic co-op game.


Resident Evil 5

PS4 co-op games have such a great representative as Resident Evil 5. You`ll have to help Elis to survive in a rude and hard-lived world of future. And to have more fun during the survival, authors decided to give Elis some teammates. So make co-op and kill zombies together.


Towerfall Ascension

Such co-op games for PS4 are more likely an exception because of its features. Towerfall Ascension is a small indie video game and the only great feature in this game is multiplayer. So if you`re tired of typical co-op games and looking for relax, your perfect choice is a Towerfall Ascension.


Diablo III

The third game in the Diablo franchise has taken place between best couch co-ops for PS4. The idea of the game is that you have to play for one of 7 main characters against the villain. So from the very start of the game creators decided to put co-op regime into the game.



And the first in our PS4 coach co-op games list is Overcooked. A funny game where you need to control the chef and prepare different meals according to the order in time. Sounds really interesting, isn`t it? From level to level tasks become more difficult.