Best Eroge Games

This is to inform you about the eroge games. You can find different variants of translation of this expression, but in our case, the term “eroge” is related to the games for adults. We invoke you to pay attention to our list as we have collected the best of games. The characters are well-written that is why be sure of the realistic effect of the game. It is undeniable that the protagonists will not annoy you with a boring background. Moreover, the plot is simple and understandable. The games are rich in quizzes, so you are required to use erudition and mental skills. We aimed to collect the games that will meet the expectation of the most demand player. Hope that you will enjoy it. Do not hesitate and read the brief overview of the games. It will help you choose an appropriate one for you. We wish you an exciting game and high results.


Kamidori Alchemy Meister

Wilfred Dion is a centered person who has an exciting background. He is an alchemist of Yuidora who should spread his knowledge and create a team. Be sure that every level of the game is full of new missions and challenges. As a player, you are required to solve puzzles and improve the score.


Monster Girl Quest

According to a survey, it can be one of the best eroge games. It can be stated that it is a game for girls. The bright colors, realistic sounds, and adventurous plot are the main features of it. Be sure that Monster Girl Quest will bring you joy and develop your mental skills.



Fate/Stay Night

That is a creation of a famous Type-Moon company. It is known as the adult game for Windows. This is the best eroge game based on time limits and tension. The interesting fact is that the player should act with a protagonist and read all messages that he sends. A player should be able to cope with multitasks.

Fate is 120 hours of great eroge. Best storyline out of the entire list


Bible Black

That is a video game developed by ActiveSoft. We cannot share with you information concerning the origin of its title. The main characters of a game are three witches who practice black magic in the basement. We ensure you that the essence of the game will be interesting for you.


Wanko to Kurasō

It is eroge visual novel game created by Ivory. The main scene is a world of Anthropoid animals that have human forms and intelligence. Unfortunately, during fall and spring, cat and dogs show their animal instincts. The protagonist should take it under control and prevent tragic consequences. A game develops a sense of responsibility.


Katawa Shoujo

That is a romantic game of an eroge genre. The protagonist is a student of the school for the people with disabilities. The main essence of the game is to control the actions of Hisao Nakai. Your task is to make friends and enrich the life of boy. Use your imagination while playing.


Grisaia no Kajitsu

Grisaia no Kajitsu is one of the best eroge visual novels that will transport you into the virtual world full of quizzes. There are five plotlines where a protagonist should interact with other players. The game is based on dialogs and conversations. Do not hesitate and play it.


Sengoku Rance

Are you a fan of adventurous games? This eroge game can be the best way to spend your free time. The gaming map is divided into the 31 administrative units, and you are required to control and manage the political sphere. It serves as a primary source of income. Try your skills while playing.

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Neko Para Vol. 1

It is based on the series of the Japanese novel. The background is rather monotonous – it tells about the life of ordinary people with the special kinds of cats Neko. They were living with each other in peace, but once the disaster came. The rest of the plot of the best eroges you will find out while playing.



This is a kind of puzzle eroges game for Windows. You will notice that it is a first-person game that is based on interaction. A player should pick his character, in particular, man or woman. Each level offers you new challenges that are connected with “date gifts.” It will present your positive emotions.