Best IOS Games

We have an intention to inform that you have a chance to be a guest of the virtual world. We offer you a rank of the best IOS games that will bring you joy and pleasure. There is no doubt that it is troublesome to find a good game with interesting interface and hero. We aimed to meet the expectations of even the most demand player. You can notice that each game is unique and has fascinating missions. Are you ready to complete it? Another key thing is that you can get acquainted with a brief overview of the best iPhone games and pick one that is appropriate for you. Do not hesitate and plunge into the adventurous virtual life. Moreover, we have collected games that are rich in quizzes and puzzles. Be sure that you will develop your mental skills and erudition. Hope you will enjoy playing. Do not forget to recommend it to your friends.


Card Thief

That is a type of stealth video game that will develop your erudition and skills. Card Thief is rich in different quizzes and challenges; moreover, a protagonist has the opportunity to choose the way of stealing and murder. You have to use stealth to overcome challenges. This the best mobile game deserves your attention.


Monument Valley 2

Have you ever downloaded iPhone games? If not, you can try Monument Valley 2. It goes without saying that you will not regret as it is well-written and fascinating game. Your task is to provide a safe journey for a mother and her child through the magnificent architecture. Moreover, you will come across mysteries and quizzes.


Galaxy of Pen & Paper

Despite the last place at our rank, it is one of the best game apps. You have the opportunity to create your game master and RPG party. As a player, you have a chance to travel to different planets and discover galaxies. Surely, you will agree that it is incredible. Play it and enjoy.


Slayaway Camp

Are you fond of puzzle games? You have a chance to play a fascinating game where you control the action of the maniac-killer Cherepimvodim. Its essence is to shoot the evil teens. There is no hesitation that you will like it as this iPhone game is well-written and has realistic sounds. We recommend it.



Framed 2 belongs to the best IOS games. That is multi-award noir-puzzle game that will please you with its graphic. You manage the actions of the morally ambiguous characters. Each mission aims to pass obstacles and avoid authorities. Learn more while playing. Do not hesitate and play it.


Old Man's Journey

Have you ever heard about this one of the top IOS games? That is an adventurous game that is rich in different landscapes and puzzles. Its plot is calm, but not monotonous. As a player, you are responsible for the life of an old man. Your task is to create the life path for him.


Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks belongs to the top10 iPhone games. That is a hand-drawn and interactive game that will bring you joy while playing. You have to search hidden men and investigate new surfaces. You cannot predict the things that are waiting for you; it makes a game marvelous. Be an active player and win it.


A Normal Lost Phone

According to the testimonials, the plot of the game is fascinating. A protagonist is a detective who is required to reveal the owner of the secret phone. You can use different pictures and videos in order to find out more facts about it. We invoke you to play this best game for iPhone.


Milkmaid of the Milky Way

It is regarded as classic point-and-click adventure game that has fascinating plot. That is a combination of the puzzles and exciting stories of the main character. Be sure that your gadget needs this iPad game. As a player, you have to control the actions of the milkmaid. Do you still hesitate whether to play it?


Motorsport Manager Mobile 2

The main character is a member of a motorsport racing team. Before you start a game, your task is to pick the color of your team and select a leader. We can say that it is one of the best iPad games as it has hints & tips tutorial system. Do not hesitate and try it.