Hardest Bloodborne Bosses

In 2015, Bloodborne became one of the biggest hits in the world of video games. Hundreds of people began to play it and continue to this day. Like any good video game, it has some problems that cause disputes among fans. And one of these problems is the question "Who hardest boss in Bloodborne?". Fans have different opinions (as usual) and do not want to compromise. That's why we decided to explore the world of Bloodborne and make up our personal opinion. In our list Bloodborne bosses ranked from the easiest to the most difficult. But you have to know sometimes it was really difficult to define on what position on or the other boss should be placed because their skills are equal. That's why our opinion is not a rule, this is another example of the judgment of an amateur gamer. Let's see if our opinion coincides with yours.


Orphan of Kos

According to the gamers’ forums on the Internet and my personal experience, Orphan is certainly in the top 3 Bloodborne hardest boss. It has an amazingly large pool of health, insane speed of movements and makes combos every time you are not careful. This is really a strong enemy.


Darkbeast Paarl

At the top of the list of Bloodborne hardest bosses is Darkbeast Paarl. Of course, he is a very serious enemy but he has one very big weakness. Darkbeast Paarl is very big. That’s why, if you choose the right tactics and attack, for example, his face and legs, you will easily win the fight.


Martyr Logarius

Boss list of Bloodborne has one character who upgrades his skills from update to update and his name is Martyr Logarius. His last form seems to be the hardest of all. The main rule in a fight with him - you should prevent his attack and attack first (or you will lose).


Blood-Starved Beast

Blood-Starved Beast as a Bloodborne boss has very controversial reviews. Some players say that this is one of the hardest bosses, another says it is as simple as ABC. We will consider the first point of view because our experience with Blood-Starved Beast was a nightmare.


Gehrman, The First Hunter

Gamers and fans of Bloodborne say that among all Bloodborne bosses Gehrman - the easiest. Probably, what makes Gehrman such an easy enemy are generous health pool and parrying. You can always start the game and see if it's true or not.


Vicar Amelia

Another of the bosses of Bloodborne, who have very controversial reviews: some players say they won Vicar Amelia in one attempt, another says they left the game for 2 months before they took their revenge. According to our personal experience, this boss is quite hard to win.


Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos

Ebrietas seems to be one of the hardest bosses in Bloodborne. Lots of players note her charge attack, which is really powerful and deadly if you have less than half of health pool. But still, her attacks are sometimes very predictable and slow. If you understand her fight style you will not have problems with Ebrietas.


Ludwig the Accursed

Ludwig the Accursed is definitely not the hardest boss in Bloodborne but he will surely make you sweat. The main thing in the battle with him is to drop him to half health. After that, he stops to be so aggressive, his attacks are not as hard as before and sometimes even predictable.


Shadow of Yharnam

It seems that he is the hardest Bloodborne boss of all if you fight him as an experienced fighter. But if you just started to play and meet this guy, then be ready to be defeated. First of all, you should deprive him of speed; if you do, a further fight will be much easier.


Father Gascoigne

In the Bloodborne boss list, Father Gascoigne is the first really serious boss. If you have not adapted to the aggressive style of boss fighting you will probably die. You should be a kind of experienced gamer to win Father Gascoigne without much effort.