Top 10 Best Smite Gods

A couple of years ago guys from Hi-Rez Studios created a video game for real men. As a fan of mythology, I couldn’t lose a chance to make a list about this game. And the most obvious option was to choose the best gods: the most powerful, skilled and the coolest. That’s why right now you are reading the list of the best Smite gods. All of the characters in the list are the multiple Smite champions. As usual, fans have big argues about which god is better and as usual, they cannot compromise. We tried not to write a lot about game skills, how many points of health take one or another attack etc. We decided to try to describe those characters in a way that



Apollo is probably the most glorified character on the list. When he appears people began to scandal his name and even the toughest Smite goddesses fall into insanity because of him. Apollo is really good only if you know how to build his attack speed.



Loki is one of the most known characters in Scandinavian mythology. For sure he is one of the most powerful gods because of his illusory skills and vile thinking, not because of physical strength. And this fact makes him dissimilar to other characters on Smite god list.



This guy is always among the strongest superheroes. Asgardian god with a great sense of justice, honor, pride and self-esteem he becomes an iconic protector of Midgard while charming us with his love story and humanlike simple jokes that melt our hearts. Just don’t stand in a way of his Mjolnir, okay?



Fenrir is not actually a god; he is more a powerful mythological animal, one of the reasons of Ragnarok. But for sure he is one of the most known and powerful Smite heroes. And how can he not be, if he is a giant ancient wild wolf?


Ao Kuang

Ao Kuang is one of the Dragon-Gods and Smite best gods. Together with his mighty sword, he destroys everything that resists him. And yes, one important detail: he can call his personal dragon for help. A dragon!!! As well, he can send floods, tidal waves, and devastating storms, striking fear into the people.



And again one of the smite characters on the list that was taken from ancient Greece. As a Lord of the Water World, Poseidon has a great resource in his hands. His magic is perfect: whirlpools, tidal surges, changing tides and even a Kraken. Beware of Zeus’ brother.



The next on our list of the best smite gods is Thanatos. As a God of Death, he has a lot of cool abilities such as Hovering Death or Harvester of Souls. The only thing that would be great to add to his character is a skill to call an army of the dead.


Ah Muzen Cab

Ah Muzen Cab is the only who represents the Maya’s mythology on our list. For those who checked Wikipedia, it may seem strange that the god of bees and honey is on the Smite god tier list. The difference is that according to mythology he was a god of stingless bees but in the game, he manipulates bees to attack enemies.


Ra Smite gods

“Sunny, yesterday my life was filled with rain” – that’s how Marvin Gaye thanks to the Ra. According to the reviews of gamers and fans, Ra seems to be a Smite best god. And his line attacks are great against killing a lot of enemies at the same time.



It is not just an accident that Zeus on the top of Smite gods list. According to ancient mythology, he was the most powerful among ancient Greek gods and his lightnings were really a destructive weapon. That’s why always keep in mind Zeus was really powerful.