Best Fallout 4 Sex Mods

There is a straight rule in cinema and video game industry that every next part of the franchise obviously worse than the previous one (except rare cases). So authors try to implement some new facts, features or game mods. These things help to keep the demand for their product and make consumers like it.

Such a novelty is Fallout 4 adult mods. It may sound strange that video game about a future world in one step to begin a nuclear war has such an upgrade. A theme of Fallout 4 sex mod divided fans into 2 categories: pros and cons. I think that sex modes really look very ridiculous but at the same time they`re so funny there are no reasons to delete them.

We prepared for you a traditional list of Top 10 Fallout 4 sex mods so take your sits, make yourself comfortable and enjoy.


Full female nude mod

And the predictable ending of our list is connected with Fallout 4 nude mods. A full female nude mod is a quintessence of Fallout sex mods. It doesn`t need any comments – just thankful viewers. If you don`t have a girlfriend, you always can use this mod to satisfy your secret desires.


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Lewd Commonwealth

Definitely the greatest Fallout 4 porn mod ever. A slogan of the mod might be “Dicks out!” In that mod outdoor cock is mandatory. And here is a great surprise – not only men have their “little Tony” out. So if you`re a fan of ladyboys you have to install the mod.

best mod ever




More sex armor

It's hard to call these things armor. Fallout 4 nude trends have influenced even armor – there are skinny, skimpy, glassy, stretched and a lot of other skins called “armor.” Beside the fact, if you`re under 18 and you have a great willing to discover an unbelievable world of Fallout 4 sex armor – forget about it.

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Pervert vault boys

This one is addressing to female fans of the franchise (and those men who love it hot). This time designers of Fallout 4 sex mods decided to bring into our lives some equality. There is no need to explain that some fans don’t like such a progressive trend, but who cares.


Nude body suits

If you like to rule nude animated women (or men), you definitely will like this Fallout 4 nude mod. Fit beautiful ladies (looking like Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell) and gentlemen will accomplish missions and tasks completely naked. By using your fantasy and camera angles you can see a lot of interesting.



Skimpy clothing

Another Fallout 4 “porn” mod connected with skimpy clothes. During the activation of the mod video game characters really look like very athletic and powerful porn stars from 2077. It seems like all the women are granted amazing natural boobs by Mother-nature decided to put skimpy clothes on (there is definitely no sexual assaults in future).


Enhanced vanilla bodies

Fallout 4 sex modes contain interesting enhanced bodies’ mod. In this case, designers of Fallout 4 decided to indulge fans and implemented such a great idea into life. This mod will definitely catch the fancy of suntanned bodies` fans and make them love that game forever.


Sexy clothes from Skyrim mods

Skyrim designers did their best and created very hot looks for characters of the game that are used in Fallout 4 “porn” mod. So if you`re a fan of them but already get bored with Skyrim – go and get Fallout 4 Sexy clothes from Skyrim mod. The best sexy looks are transferred and waiting for your attention.



Every next Fallout 4 sex mod is more and more ridiculous, strange and sometimes even scaring. I do not know why designers decided to introduce the world a pubes mod (it` a mystery to me). The only thing I know is that in 60`s this mod could have been successful.


Beefy dudes mod

All the lady-gamers please cling to your laptop`s screens because this Fallout 4 sex mods is again for you. There are a lot of comments on Fallout 4 fans forums about how ladies get stunned because of this mod. Also, there are rumors some of them even get hands-off orgasms by playing with this mod.