Best Kerbal Space Program mods

KSP mods are the modifications for the official version of the game. They are developed to add some new settings, hero opportunities, types of weapons, and other stuff that will improve the quality of a game.

As a rule, the players of a game are responsible for these supplements and develop them. Their main aim is to make the process of gaming limitless, great, and flexible. They have added new spaceships and details that are easy in managing.

You can get acquainted with Kerbal space program mods for different PC platforms. The installation is free and not difficult. That is why feel free and improve the virtual space works of the game. Despite the fact that these kinds of games are well-written and colorful, new mods will make them more realistic and your process of gaming fascinating. In case of misunderstanding and difficulties during installation, you can address to settings that will answer all your questions.


Orbit Portal Technology Space Plane Parts

It is a chance for you to lift heavy things, parts of a spaceship, and even the whole stations. It is cheap shuttle system that you can buy. With the help of this one of the best KSP mods, you can bring necessary supplies to orbit. It will save your time and the energy of spaceship.


Collision FX

Enjoy your game with best KSP mods. They make your game more qualitative and realistic. This mod improves your rocket or spaceship and adds sparks, smoke, and screeching tires. You will also notice a kind of illumination that will impress you. You can use settings to control this mod.


Dang It!

Now you have the opportunity to break down all things and create chaos in the space. You can adjust different catastrophes and predict their results. Thanks to toggles you can make an alarm and inform other spaceship about a disaster or some problems. Make your missions adventurous with KSP mods.


Comprehensive Kerbal Archive Network (CKAN)

It is considered as a program rather than a mod. It is characterized as the open code of the game and is responsible for the managing the cross-referencing. This one of the KSP best mods “interact” with you during the game process, as it asks your permission during different installations.



These KSP mods are connected with Environmental Visual Enhancements. It prevents you from the unsuccessful landing of your spaceship into the orbit. How does it work? Your spaceship will reflect atmospheric lights that you can control manually with a toggle. Be sure that your mission will be more exciting and safe.



It is a well-developed scanner that will make your landing safe and simple. With Kerbal space program mods you can investigate the surfaces of the orbits or planets. You will have the fascinating explorations in space. Moreover, with the help of this device, you will be able to reach a necessary point quickly and without harm.


Hullcam VDS

Do you want to observe your journey from different sides? This one of KSP best mods makes it real. Now you are equipped with various cameras and other devices that help you to see your spaceship from both sides of the rocket or engine. It creates a kind of Space X flight.



When you travel in the space, nobody can hear your screaming, and this fact makes your mission dangerous. With the help of these Kerbal space program mods, you communicate with other members of the crew and send messages. It makes your game more realistic and interesting. You control your chatter from an ear.



Does your rocket or spaceship often break down because of smoke and flame? Thanks to these Kerbal space program mods you can control the level of exhaust gases. Inside of your cabin, you will have a special sensor that can indicate the working conditions of your engine.


Kronal Vessel Viewer

Are you fond of drawing? This one of KSP best mods gives you opportunities to draw two-dimensional sketches of your huge Kerbal ships. You can create the spaceship of your dream and take control of it during a game. Enjoy your missions with our improvements.