Best Witcher 3 Mods

Do you like different kinds of adventures? This exciting action role-playing video game offers you a journey through the Northern Realms. It is based on The Witcher novel and game series. The game has a lot of intricate plots and scenes. At the center of the Witcher 3 mods story are a conflict with the Wild Hunt, a new invasion from Nilfgaard, and the search for adopted daughter. The game has a lot of characters that make it more interesting and missions more complicated. It begins with the small video introduction of the story of two previous games. The game is expertly written. The main storyline and other quests take approximately 50 hours of gaming. This long period helps the main hero to reach the 70th level. We prepared a list of the best Witcher 3 mods that will make your game fascinating and unique. Each of them has some peculiarities that you are required to be acquainted with.


The Enhancement System

With the new version, you can take other kinds of weapons or armor for Geralt and use them for free. He can buy it through merchants or by crafting. Witcher mods will make your game more varied and fascinating. Mod maker developed new shops as well.


Auto Loot

This modification will automatically save all your treasures and “sweep” the traces of murder. It is an essential part of a game as you have the opportunities to observe what kinds of staff Geralt stole. Moreover, with the help of Witcher mods, you can manually set what things are necessary to pick up and what to leave.


Auto Apply Oils

Thanks to the best Witcher 3 mods we can use the system of weapon oils to its fullest extent. It helps you save time and effort while gaming. When Geralt fights with enemies he automatically applies relevant oils. Even if you are the most dedicated player, you will not have the intention to spend time on such trivial things.


Critical Slow Motion Combat

This is one of Witcher 3 mods that is combined with the More Blood mode. It gives Geralt opportunities to fight and save energy. You will notice that the movements are slower (to provide a cinematic effect). Plunge into the atmosphere of a fight with Geralt.


Better Torches

A torch is such a thing that can be essential in our daily life. Well, in game, too. This Witcher 3 mods makes some important changes. The main character Geralt uses updated torches that give him opportunities to see in dark caves and fight with evil during the night.


Realistic Weather

This is one of the most essential Witcher mods. It is responsible for fog, rain, and other phenomena of nature. It makes the game realistic and atmosphere more intense. If something distracts you from the mission, you can change settings with a simple console commands.


Script Merger

Script Merger ensures that mods of older versions will work in the appropriate way and without problems. The Witcher 3 mods are not complicated and can cope with different changes. It works as a united version of similar texts that expands the working term of other mods.


Absolute Camera

Are you dissatisfied with the position of the camera while the main hero runs or fights? Best Witcher 3 mods give you the possibility to choose the best placement of it. Moreover, the distance and viewing angles are also updated. During Geralt's usual activities, it captures all moments.



Do you want to grab the most exciting moments of the Geralt battle? With Witcher 3 mods you can make a screenshot using 3D technologies. It is possible to pause the game, spawn fog and other weather effects and make the photo more realistic. Thanks to a special toggle you have the opportunity to be invisible and make perfect landscape shots.


Fast Travel from Anywhere

The world of Witcher 3 mods has different tips for fast travel. Nevertheless, it takes much time to reach some point. Thanks to this mod you can teleport and save various moments of a game. Use it carefully as you can break the whole mission.