Best Free Online Games on PC

What can be better than playing some entertaining titles if you want to have some fun? Well, probably quite a few things, actually. But since we’re on the topic, there’s a quite a few things to discuss here. You don't need a powerful computer or graphics cards to play these; there is no need to download and install multiple sizable files. Everything works without a hitch online; you can enjoy a whole bunch of advantages of free games on the Internet. Nowadays there are thousands of options ranging from running and gunning NPCs to elaborate puzzlers. But with that said, when there’s variety, there’s difficult choice. Luckily for everyone involved, we've scoured the Internet and found the best free games which can be played all over the world by people of different age groups, genders, and origins. Some noteworthy titles may come and go so quickly that it becomes hard to notice them and it's important to preserve them for posterity. Without further ado, here are the rankings of best free to play games. Let's discover them together. Oh, and do tell us which one’s your favorite.



The rules of free online games like SoundDodger are quite simple: you must do everything in your power to avoid the collision of various geometric shapes, and the only thing in your control is a ball. The pace of the music will become more mellow, but the shapes will become more complicated as a counter point to that.



If you like to shoot stuff, strategize and think proactively, SuperHot is an excellent choice. You have to use guns and improvised weapons and overcome the odds. You’re outnumbered and outgunned, but like with other best free games on this list, there’s a catch, time stops when you don’t move. Make the best of this opportunity


My Friend Pedro

This flash game tells a story about a tough guy who shoots his enemies with large-caliber guns. Riveting stuff, right? The developers of this online title have a great sense of humor, even if a bit heavy on the sarcasm. Your companion throughout the entirety of your journey is going to be a banana; it’ll follow you and warn you about all imminent dangers.


Pale Machine

This strange yet oddly entertaining title will definitely hold your attention once you begin playing. It is kind of a music video which shows ordinary things but from a different angle. The music, written by Bo En, provides a distinct atmosphere. It is one of the best online games for those who adore extraordinary things.


Dojo of Death

This entry is like a streamlined version of oldie arcade brawlers. Everything occurs in one environment – a wooden room, in which you fight endlessly spawning ninjas. Contrary to popular belief, good free games don't require lots of thinking. You can just hang around, mash buttons and kill as many ninjas as you’d like. It gets hard, can you handle it?


The Last Tango

Step right, step left, shoot! This is one of those free to play games in which speed and accuracy matter. Everything begins with a romantic tango; just two people dancing at a slow tempo, But then you discover that the dancers are spies. They will get ready to shoot once there’s a break during their moves. Weird, but entertaining as no other title.


Rhythm Doctor

This one belongs to those "hit-the-right-button" type of romps, and it belongs on the list of best free games because it has one clever twist – it’s about hitting the button on the patient's heart rate monitor. The beginning is simple enough, but once you get further, you'll have to treat people with unstable heartbeats. The music gets quicker; the pace becomes accelerated, and it’s up to you to hit buttons on time.


Brawlin' Sailor

Having received a noble mission to find a kidnapped child, you go through all the challenges as a feisty sailor. But then... everything changes. One of the best online games with an unpredictable plot. We don’t like spoilers ourselves, so try this out and experience it for yourself.



If you are fond of horror films, Silhouette will undoubtedly appeal to you. Stomach-churning music combined with gloomy colors makes this title seem like some never before seen spin-off of Jeepers Creepers. Choose a map to play and start investigating the area. Be ready to find lots of unexpected stuff, just as you do in good free games with a survival horror element.


The MS DOS Library

This collection of free online games may get the highest position in our rankings without a doubt. It is an archive of all those old titles which were popular during the early stages of gaming. Do you remember the days and nights spent with Prince of Persia, Aladdin, and Pac-Man? Well, if you’ve missed those for some reason, now’s a good time to get acquainted.