Best Mods For Fallout: New Vegas

Have you considered for a second that there’s an abundance of Fallout New Vegas Mods? These experiences will alter the way you play the game in both major and subtle ways. If you were delaying your playthroughs simply because the base game had some rough edges, now's a good time to dive in. These mods present you with unlimited opportunities to play the game as you see fit. The game becomes much more refined across the board, which puts the game into a category of its own. If you are a fan of the original game and its sequels, make sure that you give these a try. We will provide you with a great rundown of mods, and something will surely be to your liking. With the help of Best Fallout New Vegas Mods list, you’ll be able to customize your experience in ways you thought impossible before. Enjoy the show and tell us what’s your favorite mod.


Blackrow - It's a Criminal's Life

The mod introduces a new town and a new faction to join the likes of NCR and Brotherhood – The Blackrow gang. With New Vegas Mods like this, you will rob banks and take part in other gangster-like activities. The mod also includes a multitude of quests to round out the experience.


Weapons of the New Millenia

The best New Vegas mods offer unique equipment, and this one is quite the collection. It includes every weapon released by the mod maker - Millenia. You gain access to crowd-pleasers such as the AK-47, Bushmaster M4A1, Colt M1911 and many, many others. Some of these you can get in-game for free, while others can be looted off of your enemies.

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What kind of vehicles do you want to see in a post-apocalyptic world? All of them, right? If you install Vegas mods like Traffic, you’ll become the owner of every car with the ability to drive along the streets and sands of the Mojave. Tired of fast-traveling and looking to move around with style? Hop on in then, Courier.



The game has console origins, that much is certain. That is why fonts and on-screen text are not that pleasant to look at. Cue MTUI, the king of Fallout NV Mods. (In the UI department, at least.) It fixes UI-based issues and makes everything far more legible on the screen.


Nevada Skies

Nevada Skies will make your adventures more fascinating. Default skybox is quite pretty, but this mod will make it truly standout. You will encounter thunderstorms, radiation rains, and terrible fires. Weather Vegas mods make the game shine with new colors. Expect sunny days, gloomy nights, and better-looking clouds.


Realistic Headshots

With rebalanced New Vegas mods like this one, your shooting experience will become far more… vivid. This mod includes new headshot damage calculations. First pro tip: wear a helmet. Second pro-tip: shoot heads. That’s pretty much it. Have at it and keep your noggin safe.



Some Fallout New Vegas best mods give you an opportunity to take part in some wacky shenanigans. In this crossover with Titanfall, you have the option to summon your very own Titan. In true Titanfall fashion, it will drop down from the sky and begin stomping on baddies in your immediate area. And yes, you can control it. Exciting stuff, right?


Five Nights at Vault 5

Do you know that some Fallout New Vegas best mods give you an opportunity to relive the events of Five Nights at Freddy's, but with a strong, post-apocalyptic tinge? In short, you must escape from robots and find a console to stop the attack.


DUST Survival Simulator

One of the best New Vegas Mods that reuses the game's post-apocalyptic setting. Ok, so what's different? What’s the main gist of this mod? That's where things becomes interesting. The mod introduces refined survival-horror mechanics into its experience. Your primary goal is to survive; you will combat hunger and thirst, not to mention enemies. The best New Vegas Mods are immersive, and this one is a great example of this concept.


King of the Ring

Are you a fan of boxing? Fallout NV mods like this one can give you the chance to duke it out with your opponents in the ring, and this mod is just like that. This is an excellent way to hone your melee skills and prove once and for all, that you can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.