Best Civilization 6 Mods

If you cannot imagine your life without building your powerful Civilization, you will like all the improvements which come with this game. Various fan modifications have always been an integral part of the success of the Civilization series. Those CIV 6 mods improve the interface, models, and textures, introduce new units, factions, and sometimes create new scenarios based on real historical events or popular fantasy universes.

The following description of the best Civilization 6 mods will give you better insight into their main characteristics. There are lots of options which will appeal to you. The conversions differ by making changes in the design of the game interface to adding new maps, military units, or production bonuses. By installing these, you will make the game more realistic and exciting. So, let's make your Civilization broader and more influential by enhancing the quality of the game with some improvements.


R.E.D. Modpack 2

One of the most popular Civilization VI mods returns to the new version of the game. The essence of this mod is simple: it reduces the size of combat units, so that huge giants don't run around the map, like in a cartoon. It makes the gameplay more realistic and convenient for developing your Civilization.




A stylish interface is something that makes the game more enjoyable. Enjoy all of the modification with the design of the game with CQUI which is a must-have among CIV 6 mods. The Cityview, as well as Great Person panel, are renovated. Take a look at citizen management icons which make evaluating production info easier.


Yet Not Another Map Pack

This modification includes a detailed map of the Earth and correct locations for the fractions. Here Congo starts in Africa, China in Asia, and England - in the British Isles. These CIV VI mods give you the opportunity to build the "right" empire of Vikings with Drakkars and sea raids on neighbors.

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Improved Water Yields

If you adore creating cities on the coastline or building great harbors, you will like these "marine" CIV 6 mods. Moreover, by investing into the sea terrain, you will get bonuses such as additional food supply. The further you develop, the more precious bonuses you get.


Moar Units

These Civilization 6 mods include 14 unique, outstanding units, like archers on camels for Arabia, Cho-Ko-Nu - for China and so on. There are also unique units for the series: the cavalry squad for Russia, the Mughal cavalry for India, or the Equitas for the Romans.

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PhotoKinetik (Westeros)

The aim of PhotoKinetik CIV VI mods is to make a better DOF. Bright colors are muted to make the game more similar to its previous version – CIV 5. This mod is created with the help of ReShade company which makes presets for lots of world-famous games.


Production Queue

Finally, the long-awaited Production Queue is added with the help of new Civilization VI mods. Now you can trace the order which is placed on the left-upper side of the production interface. You can make any modifications by dragging and dropping the production queue. These changes improve the overall quality of the game.


Better Trade Screen

Improve the convenience of your trade screen by installing these Civilization 6 mods. You will be able to see all possible routes, use new filtering and grouping functions, and just click on the recording route to return to the merchant in the city of origin. The game becomes more manageable with this mod.


Combat and Stacking Overhaul

The reduced costs for air and military land units, new combat values for anti-tank units, no need to build aerodrome for air units, bonuses for production – and it is only the beginning of the characteristics of these CIV 6 mods. You will like a new strategic policy of how production resources are used.


Smoother Difficulty

If you are eager to make the gameplay more challenging, add some Smoother Difficulty by downloading Civilization VI mods. It makes the game more difficult by giving extra civilizations to your opponents. This may lead to your early military defeat. But if necessary, you can turn this function off.