Dark Souls 3 Best Starting Class

It has been some time since the last installment of the hardest series ever came out. The world loved and hated Dark Souls 3. Best class to start a game with is still a hot topic of discussion as there are many strategies to success and each chooses something that suits their taste. Varied stat strength and range of abilities make it possible to create your own playing style that works within Dark Souls 3. Best starting class is a hard thing to choose, but the votes from the hardcore players will decide everything. Come, vote for your favorite class you’d suggest for a newbie!


Pyromancer - Dark Souls 3 Classes

Best Dark Souls 3 starting class in terms of versatility. Pyromancer can offer decent attack and defense capabilities while also being able to use pyromancy. This guy cuts and burns his way through enemies with an axe and the wild flames that the Pyromancer controls.


Knight - Dark Souls 3 Classes

Dark Souls' best starting class, according to many, because of its high vitality and ability to wear heavy armor that can deflect stronger blows. You can shift the focus to spells later. Probably an ideal choice for people who are new to the Dark Souls franchise and are yet to experience the full extent of the "You Died" grind.


Deprived - Dark Souls 3 Classes

Balanced stats across the board and starts with Soul Level 1 from the get-go. While weak at first, you can eventually develop your desired stats pretty easily. For early weapon and armor, you may go for Master's Attire and Uchigatana. In short, it's a good, balanced class for trying out builds but it's rarely optimal for minmaxing. Having every stat start at 10 only means one thing - other classes are far better at build optimization.


Herald - Dark Souls 3 Classes

Starts with Kite Shield, which has 100% physical block. Has good starting equipment, but fewer and less powerful miracles than the cleric. Considering the 100% blocking ability, long weapon reach and the small healing miracle, the Herald is a very good starting class for both new and veteran players. The Herald's starting miracle, Heal Aid, restores 150 HP, which is about a third of the Herald's total starting HP. It is recommended to acquire a stronger healing miracle as soon as possible. Can immediately use Astora Straight Sword without leveling.


Assassin - Dark Souls 3 Classes

Assassin is the only class with an ability that resists fall damage. This makes Assassin the Dark Souls 3 best class for those who like playing with stealth and verticality; sorcery and combat skills are also thrown into the mix. This combination is quite useful at early stages of the game, when staying alive is a necessity.


Warrior - Dark Souls 3 Classes

This class has the lowest Attunement, Intelligence and Faith capacities, making it an ideal choice for pure melee builds. Knight's base Attunement, Intelligence, Faith and Luck are only one level higher when compared with the Warrior, but it gets more focus points in exchange. Starts with highest Strength stat.


Mercenary - Dark Souls 3 Classes

The dual weapons take only one weapon slot and act as 1-handed until you press triangle/Y/two-hand. Then you'll dual-wield and be able to perform Skills. Has the highest Dexterity of all the classes with acceptable Attunement and Intelligence stats. It's possible to wield spells such as Soul Arrow early on.


Cleric - Dark Souls 3 Classes

Best starting class in Dark Souls for those who love Faith. It also awards the player with a second healing source and a miracle at the very beginning of the game, making staying alive much easier. That is if you figure out how to use the class during boss fights.


Thief - Dark Souls 3 Classes

Highest luck, meaning the most item discovery for a starting class. The only class that starts with a bow.


Sorcerer - Dark Souls 3 Classes

Best starting class in Dark Souls 3 for fans of magic and wizardry. Do you want to role-play as a lone mage scholar who travels through the world and possesses high Intelligence and Attunement attributes? Maxing out the Intelligence at the beginning improves an already powerful Heavy Soul Armor, turning the Sorcerer into a deadly sniping machine, ready to pick off enemies from a distance.