Battlefield Heroes Best Sniper Rifle

The story: The "Royals" against the "Nationals"
Battlefield Heroes plays at the time of the Second World War. The story takes place in the background and is limited to a conflict between two rival armies to tell. In the foreground here is the exaggerated comic-graphics, which turns the game into a fire-effect.

The facts: Two factions, three classes and dozens of game modes
There is the choice between the "Army of the Royals" as well as the "Army
of the Nationals. "Once a faction has been chosen, one can choose one of the following classes: soldier, gunner, or commando.
Now you have the possibility to customize your hero.
Among other things, one can change the hairstyle, the hair color, the skin color and the facial hair. After you give your hero a name, it starts.

By the different game modes in Battlefield Heroes it is never boring. You have the choice between "Conquest", "V2 Vengeance" and "Capture the Flag". In "Conquest", one of the most popular game modes, there are four flags to conquer on the map and both team have 50 and 70 tickets respectively. The goal is to reduce the opponent's tickets to 0. For each death of a teammate loses the associated team 1 ticket.

In the "V2 Vengeance" game modes, it is about taking a rocket that is in the center of the map and defending a total of 5 minutes. Once a team has conquered the clock, its timer runs.

Successful launches will earn you points that you can earn for weapons. Clothing, PowerUps or other equipment.

There is also the possibility for real money to buy more gadgets or clothes, which however only for the personalization of the respective character serve. Battlefield Heroes, from the well-known series is by its comic look a real eye-catcher.

Battlefield Heroes is best with Battlefield 1942 (both developed by DICE), as it represents the same game targets.


Battlefield Heroes - Slow Rifles

The powerful headshot snipers. The damage isn't that great hitting anywhere else in the body and there is a lot of recoil to this gun. But if you aim correctly and hit the head you could get a very strong hit. This type of sniper ranges from 5-40 (no headshot damage included). This sniper is the most popular snipers around. Piercing Shot is once again high recommended as a damage booster.

  • Pipsqueak's Popper
  • Stefan's Sharpshooter
  • Pipsqueak's Dapper Popper
  • Stefan's Stylish Sharpshooter
  • Albert's Accelerator
  • Moritz's Magnetic Hurler
  • Blanco's Bullseye
  • Alberto's Asesino
  • Steven's Sporty Sniper
  • Victor's Victorious Viewpoint


Battlefield Heroes - Medium Rifles

These snipers are the middle ground between the others, but has less recoil and fires very quickly compared to the slow rifles, although not getting near the fast rifles speed and recoil. The power also increases when hitting the head. The damage for this gun is between 5-24 (no headshot damage included). The sniper is used for the less well-aimed. This type of rifle is least popular among players, although a rising movement is "quick-scoping" when a player gets relatively close to the enemy, and with Piercing Shot at 5, quickly kills him (reccommended for the uber/super version).

  • Oscar's Farshot
  • The Gourmet
  • Oscar's Super
  • Farshot The Uber Gourmet


Battlefield Heroes - Fast Rifles

This sniper rifles themselves hasn't much recoil, but the damage isn't very strong alone. It can range to 5-23 (no headshot damage included). There are 8 rounds in these snipers (6 for the non-uber/super ones) and they are very reliable. Piercing Shot is highly recommended for effective killing.

  •  Roderick Rifleя
  • The Groundbreaker
  • Whisperer VK-22
  • Agent's Infiltrator
  • Tier 1 Elite M-21
  • Specialist's Tier 1 SV-98
  • Winter Camo M-21
  • Winter Camo SV-98
  • Roderick Super Rifle
  • The Uber Groundbreaker 


Battlefield Heroes - Anti-Material Rifles

Having a 1 bullet in clip, paired with slow reloading, it's not a big deal. Unless you know, that this gun's damage is Very high! It can shoot around (22-43, no head-shot damage included) but, with 5 level Piercing Shot, it can kill a full health commando in 1 shot (due to damage being lower on smaller ranges, the enemy commando has to be far away for the damage to exceed 80-85, to make SURE that the person dies. In larger maps, in proper positions, it is possible to exceed 90 damage per headshot, taking down commandos with Sarge's Stamina Boost as well). Another great advantage is it's ability to damage tanks, which is especially useful against organized teams. (Doesn't 1 hit anymore)

  • Mk1 Bad Boy
  • Panzerhunter 39