Battlefield Heroes Best Sniper Rifle

Battlefield Heroes is a free multiplayer shooter game released in summer of 2009. It is designed to be simpler and more usable for larger target audience. Character perks and tactics go to the end of the queue as fun and enjoyable time spending is the focal point of the game. The playing style, however, can still differ in Battlefield Heroes. Sniper rifle is what contributes to the variety of the game. There are 4 types of them that have different shot speed, damage, accuracy and a range of other properties. Now it’s your turn to vote for the rifle you love to play with!


Battlefield Heroes - Slow Rifles

Slow sniper rifles can outdamage any other rifle of that type in Battlefield Heroes. Though having a very high damage ratio, the shot rate is much slower that the other rifles’. Very high recoil equals the rifle to those of other types further, not allowing it to become an OP weapon.

I hope battlefield heroes will come back,this is the only game for that I have spent a lot of money and have no regrets because it has simply been so much fun

I think it's stupid ending the game... This game marked my life. I can even say that it was my favourite game. If you try one more time you will have success... I see lots and lots of people sad about the end of this game. This game was the best. I would do anything to bring it back for everyone. Please!

A great game, a pity that concluded it... it should be sold to another company you came out ahead. I spent hours and hours in the game, it was fun. I hope and believe that one day Battlefield Heroes will again


Battlefield Heroes - Fast Rifles

Get that Piercing Shot maxed out and spam bullets across all the Battlefield Heroes fights. These rifles are known for their almost supersonic shot speed. This becomes quite handy when placing shots is no longer useful. Close-range and melee fights are the best situations to use the fast sniper rifle.

I used to have so much fun on this game... on its early days, then it had so many cool updates like airplane, i had a blast playing this game But then it went super pay to win, then people stopped playing because of that... What a shame, some companies rather make money than actually make a good game and have people have fun with it.. sad

This is the only game that you want to back, and I want to especially back in the game, all game times were so funny, held in the fun with friends and played BFH! BFH was the only game you play section! I never tired of the game, everyone had so much fun and now it's over. could you somehow buy back into the game; (

Was an amazing game for a long time, it was just ruined by pay to win updates later in the game. I put a lot of money into outfits into this game and bought some weapons just to have different setups, but I don't like buying straight up advantages. Even ran around with free to play weapons for a while to prove the Gunner can use free to play MG and shotgun and still do fine as long as you have the RPG.... tonics kinda ruined things for me though.


Battlefield Heroes - Anti-Material Rifles

Want to one-shot any Commando in Battlefield Heroes? Get yourself an Anti-Material rifle. It takes a lot of time to reload the bad boy, but the amount of damage it can deal is immense. Paired with Level 5 Piercing Shot, this rifle is a silent horror for the opposition players.

Battlefield heroes grew up with me, and I grew up with it. It's so sad that it's been shut down. I know I'm very late now, but I have so good memories. I understand that hackers could ruin the game, but people have actually spent money on this game. Instead of shutting down the game because of not getting the money you expected, is better to sell it to a company. There is not a lot I can do, but hopefully this will change your mind.

me and all bfh players want to back bfh its was the best game and i will not forget this funny times.. i love you bfh!! but im so sad because they closed it but i think they are doing another game like it..."renegadeline"... all add me on skype and talk to me about it because i want to live it more more more more and more.

it was a ok game. Its is what started my intestest in FPS shooter so i will thank you for that but its sad to see a game with so much potental go to wast. I have resently heared that this was just a experament why end it if its has so much you can do with it. thats all i got to say good bye Battlefiel


Battlefield Heroes - Medium Rifles

Definitely the most recommended pick for players who are new to Battlefield Heroes. This type does not possess great damage capability, however, a medium speed and low recoil make it a perfectly balanced rifle for those who are still looking for their best playing style.

Why battlefield heroes farm, I liked this game, and why you close I hope he will one day return the game.

Goodbye Battlefield Heroes ... this was my favorite game for PC ... so beautiful that you just came home from school we sat there for hours and hours ... what a beautiful game ... what I would play again ... please let!