Battlefield Heroes - Anti-Material Rifles from Battlefield Heroes Best Sniper Rifle

Battlefield Heroes - Anti-Material Rifles 1 100x100

Want to one-shot any Commando in Battlefield Heroes? Get yourself an Anti-Material rifle. It takes a lot of time to reload the bad boy, but the amount of damage it can deal is immense. Paired with Level 5 Piercing Shot, this rifle is a silent horror for the opposition players.


Battlefield heroes grew up with me, and I grew up with it. It's so sad that it's been shut down. I know I'm very late now, but I have so good memories. I understand that hackers could ruin the game, but people have actually spent money on this game. Instead of shutting down the game because of not getting the money you expected, is better to sell it to a company. There is not a lot I can do, but hopefully this will change your mind.

me and all bfh players want to back bfh its was the best game and i will not forget this funny times.. i love you bfh!! but im so sad because they closed it but i think they are doing another game like it..."renegadeline"... all add me on skype and talk to me about it because i want to live it more more more more and more.

it was a ok game. Its is what started my intestest in FPS shooter so i will thank you for that but its sad to see a game with so much potental go to wast. I have resently heared that this was just a experament why end it if its has so much you can do with it. thats all i got to say good bye Battlefiel

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