Battlefield Heroes - Slow Rifles from Battlefield Heroes Best Sniper Rifle

Battlefield Heroes  - Slow Rifles 1 100x100

Slow sniper rifles can outdamage any other rifle of that type in Battlefield Heroes. Though having a very high damage ratio, the shot rate is much slower that the other rifles’. Very high recoil equals the rifle to those of other types further, not allowing it to become an OP weapon.


I hope battlefield heroes will come back,this is the only game for that I have spent a lot of money and have no regrets because it has simply been so much fun

I think it's stupid ending the game... This game marked my life. I can even say that it was my favourite game. If you try one more time you will have success... I see lots and lots of people sad about the end of this game. This game was the best. I would do anything to bring it back for everyone. Please!

A great game, a pity that concluded it... it should be sold to another company you came out ahead. I spent hours and hours in the game, it was fun. I hope and believe that one day Battlefield Heroes will again

This game was so good! I can't believe EA killed yet another game. At least leave it open to modders and personal servers so that the community could keep it running!

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