Popular presets - SweetFX Settings Database

Computer gamers are accustomed to delving into the graphics settings, enhancing the quality of the graphics or increasing productivity by adding special effects. Unfortunately, not all games allow you to change the graphics settings, simply because the providers don't include these options. Some things cannot usually be set for the menu - for example, the contrast or saturation of the picture. The company SweetFX will help fix this subtleties.

SweetFX database refers to a utility called shader injector which allows you to add new functions connected with lighting, shades, gamma level, roughness, and others. This service can do much more than just add a new type of anti-aliasing. It changes the visual effects of the most popular games to make them more exciting, and the gameplay more realistic. Instead of gloomy and dull coloring, the graphics become more lifelike; each object becomes more vivid, and even lively.


Beautiful CS:GO

Counter-Strike is definitely for hardcore gamers, and sometimes you just want to keep the original dim hues. However, new SweetFX settings make the coloring warmer. You will occasionally notice bright sun rays coming through the broken windows. It does change the overall aura of the game by making it a bit warmer.


Arma 3 Enhanced 1.5 FINAL

The next SweetFX preset focuses on improving Arma 3. The changes with light and shadow are very noticeable, and it makes the picture look more realistic. The textures are now sharper, the reflection of the things is much better. You won't also find any fuzziness on the streets or rocks.


Watch Dog Realistic Preset

If you adore playing Watch Dog, try enhancing its graphics with the SweetFX new preset. The changes refer to technicolor and lumasharpen, with the latter making the textures look sharper and crisper. Also, chromatic aberration and border are added to make the game more lifelike.


1.000 Times Better | PS4 Graphics v1.1 - Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

These SweetFX settings aim at improving the quality of the popular game Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. It makes the football pitch greener with the natural shading. Even the texts on the billboards become readable. Enjoy the high-resolution graphics which will make the gameplay more realistic.


HD Natural Preset For Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

SweetFX database has included the preset for the visual improvement of the Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. These settings are based on the previous parameters for PES 2015. If comparing two versions, the newest one has ReShade Framework. The look of PES 2016 is now not too vibrant; it is sharper, and better for night games.


Sweet, Subtle, and Sharp

Although the computer graphics in the Guild Wars 2 are hands-down professionally made, there is always something to be improved. SweetFX database allows its users to download a file which will make the preset more subtle and precise. From our perspective, the changes mostly refer to the deepened dark tones.


How this game should look like. - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This SweetFX preset is also related to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which is more commonly known as CS GO. You will see how this game should look like in terms of colors and shading. Let's get rid of those mundane grey hues and make the graphics as it should be in the XXIst century.


GTA V 1.000 Times Better

The graphics of GTA play a significant role in how the game is perceived: the better coloring, the more realistic the game is. With the new SweetFX presents for GTA, nights become darker, the color balance is improved, and more gamma is added. The game tone is also not reddish as in the original version.


The Witcher 3 - SS V1.1

In order to use these SweetFX settings, you have to return to the default gamma level. In this case, the slider should be in the middle. If you haven't changed anything, you can install the SweetFX setup. The nights of The Witcher 3 will become more realistic because the darkness parameters will be adjusted.


Sharper+Vibrant - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

If the dull coloring of your favorite game Counter-Strike depresses you, the SweetFX database has something special to change this. Install the Sharper and Vibrant preset to improve the color gamma. The buildings are now not grey but brown with golden roofs. Have fun with sharper guns pictures at Counter-Strike.