Best Star Wars Battlefront 2 Mods

The second part of the Battlefront series revolves around the "forces of evil." As in, the Galactic Empire and its fate after the destruction of the second Death Star. The main hero is an unknown veteran clone trooper. The game embraces all aspects of the movies and features them front and center. You can choose to fight on Naboo in the era of the Clone Wars and take control of the droids of the Trade Federation. But if the basic plot becomes too boring, you can make the game even more exciting by installing some Battlefront 2 mods. The modding process is easy and can make the game shine with new colors. Where else would you be able to encounter major characters from this from this franchise if not for those Star Wars battlefront 2 mods we’re about to list? So, get ready to open a whole new world of battlefront to Goodness. Oh, and tell us what’s your favorite mod.


Star Wars Battlefront Conversion Pack

The best Battlefront 2 mods are capable of providing excitement, that’s for sure. As is evident from the title, this is a total conversion of the entire game. This mod lets you play in the New Era and The Old Republic during Mandalorian Wars. It includes additional heroes as well as new weaponry, equipment, and game modes.

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Ultimate Battlefront: The Clone Wars

This ultimate pack is one of the most massive SWBF2 mods – it takes up 30 gigs of space when fully installed! It may take a while to download, but it is well worth it. It gives access to ten new eras, lots of gameplay additions, custom modes, and over a hundred new maps.

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The Old Republic

Battlefront: Evolved

If you care about how the game looks, Evolved Star Wars Battlefront 2 mods will improve the visual quality of the game immensely. Graphical enhancements, fidelity of heroes, equipment, and surroundings are phenomenal. All these improvements make the game feel a lot more immersive.

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Tactical Enhanced Combat Mod

One of the Best Battlefront 2 mods for gamers who like their battles being a bit more tactical. If you need a challenge, Tactical Enhanced Mod is the perfect choice. Running and gunning becomes more challenging. Rebel fighters have improved armor, but their movement is less nimble. In short, confrontations will become more exciting.


Dark Times II: Rising Son

Dark Times II is one of the most well-designed SWBF2 mods. Explore 16 brand-new maps such as Raxus Prime, Taris, Nar-Shaddaa and many others. New means of combat added to Space Assault make the battles far more dramatic. You will also like redesigned lightsaber combat system which is now available in both light and heavy modes.


Battlefront Extreme

Extreme Star Wars Battlefront 2 mods are considered to be quite elaborate and for a good reason. It offers extra game modes which are slightly altered from the old ones, but it’s enough for a new experience. It is worth noting that in the latest version of Extreme you can play in a new, separate era of the franchise. On top of that, several new maps and classes got updated.



With the aptly named mod “+123” you will be able to unlock the full potential of the game. Every game mode is available from the get-go on vanilla maps. You can try playing on Hoth and participate in a wampa assault on Echo Base. One of the few Battlefront 2 mods that give you an excellent opportunity to mix new modes with standard maps.


Mass Effect: Unification

If you enjoy Mass Effect and Star Wars, this mod will scratch this particular itch. With new characters, updated backgrounds, and the iconic Jack Wall soundtrack, these Star Wars Battlefront 2 mods are the crossover you’ve been waiting for. See the updated Tantive IV for yourself, which now looks like a crashed ship that's on fire, and discover countless other changes.


Spira: Besaid

Have you thought about playing in the world of Final Fantasy X? Check out the Spira: Besaid, one of the best Battlefront 2 mods. You will get multiple new sidequests, interactive puzzles (that’s right, it’s not just about battles), and a save system. It is an excellent example of how much can change with a single unusual idea.


Aquilaris: Deep Sea

Aquilaris is a fascinating story contained within one map, making this addition one of the most engaging and adventurous Battlefront 2 Mods. Discover the mysterious underwater location and its deep blue depths with a new submarine vehicle. Find clues about the secret Imperial project. You'll definitely enjoy the interwoven plotline; we know we did.