Top Followers In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

More than half a decade has passed, but Skyrim proudly remains in the gaming hall of fame. Winner of multiple Game of The Year 2011 charts and many minor awards, it makes you forget where are you from and what your mom’s name is. Launching a game to play for an hour and figuring out it’s already the next Tuesday - that’s how we would describe Skyrim experience of a regular RankTopTen crew member. Huge territories to explore, quests to complete and skooma to drink while staring at the night sky from the Throat of the World. But being alone is not always that pleasant and you could sometimes use a second pair of hands when clearing Draugr Wight cave. This time we will determine the best follower in Skyrim.

Yes, yes, sometimes they’re clumsy and always screw up your stealth tactic, triggering traps etc. But when there’s nobody else to cover your back, having a follower is the saving grace. Fair to say, that Skyrim followers also vary greatly. Not just in gender and appearance, but in skills, weapons and magic. And here’s the best part: you can marry your follower! How cool would that be? Wandering the lands of ice and mountains, killing trolls, dragons, and all that Fus Ro Dah thing. Beautiful!

What is your Skyrim best follower that you would stick to in dire situations? Who would you rely on? Our pick would be Aela and Serana. Do you agree? Check this RankTopTen Skyrim best followers list and vote for a character that is your perfect companion. More into being a lone ranger? Comment the characters and explain why should others do the same! Have fun, fellow Dovahkiins.



At the first glance, Cicero is an ordinary jester who travels with a coffin. Mad in his beliefs he is one of the loved Skyrim followers because of his loyalty to the Dark Brotherhood. Once you save his life, Cicero can repay you for mercy with everlasting friendship and a sharp knife to protect you.

A Fool of Chance xxxXxxx "Liiistenerrrr! Cicero is cold!" The black and red garbed jester complained as his listener, Xan, and himself continued to tread through the tundra of Dawnstar. The jester rubbed his fore arms and shivered as he slowed his pace of walking. The two were going through the snow on food due to Xan somehow loosing Shadowmere. Cicero asked but was not given an answer. Not even sparing a glance towards the fool, Xan just stopped and took off his mixed pelt satchel. He dug around in the bag until his hand came into contact with a soft material. He pulled out the soft fuzzy object and turned around to present it to Cicero. A scarf. Cicero gave a happy giggle as he took the scarf and wrapped it around his neck. He nuzzled it and inhaled the scent of herbs and other incents the wood elf preferred to keep in his bag. With that, the two continued on ward to solitude. … A half hour later, another complaint was made… "Listenerrrrr! Cicero is hungry!" "…" Xan took a deep breath holding it in for a few seconds, and releasing it. He took off his bag again and reached inside its confines. He pulled out a paper bag and handed it to Cicero. "Oooo! Cicero gives many thanks to the Listener!" He pulled out a sweet roll and happily munched on the candy like treat. 'Almost there…' Xan thought to himself as they continued. "After gulping down the last few bites of the sweet roll, Cicero yawned. "Listener! Cic'" "AGHHHHHHHH! SPECTRAL ASSASSIN! I SUMMON YOU!" Xan threw his hand out casting Spectral Assassin and growled. A Blue Portal-like specter appeared before the two. Out stepped a blue glowing assassin spirit. "Greetings, Listener. I am here to serv-" "YOU!" The irritated wood elf paced up to the ghost "Take care of HIM! LISTEN to him!" He pointed to the jester as he sprinted a head leaving the specter and jester behind, both crying "Listener! Wait!" They ran after their Listener but didn't catch up to him. Though he was a spirit of the void, Lucien stopped and panted, as did the jester. The two stood in awkward silence after catching their breaths. "…Do you have any sweet rolls?" Cicero spoke up. "Um. No." The specter simply said. "You look pretty sweet to me~" The fool of hearts said with a devious wink. The specter blushed a darker shade of blue before looking down to the side and clearing his throat. "We should go look for The Listener…" xxxXxxx A/N: I just thought this up right on the spot



A sorcerer found in Winterhold, this khajiit can become your Skyrim’s best follower by casting spells at your enemies’ faces. Ambitious, sometimes ignorant yet willing to learn khajiit is always a nice addition to the squad. That lovely furry mage can help you rebuild the Blades as well if his abilities were not enough.


Aela the Huntress

Often called the best follower in Skyrim, Aela definitely deserves the attention. She is a werewolf, skilled thief and a member of the Companions and their Circle. With that exceptional strength, sharp tongue, claws at night and that sexy warpaint on her face, who wouldn’t want Aela to accompany them?



Serana is one of unorthodox Skyrim followers due to her pure-blood vampire lineage. A powerful necromancer, she forces the dead to fight for your cause once you recruit her as a follower. You can ask her to bite you to become Vampire Lord or cure her of vampirism along with many other possible interactions.



The best follower in Skyrim by far when it comes to roasting foes alive in a gout of arcane fire. Somewhat sassy, he becomes your follower after you land a purse of 500 coins in his pocket. His sorcery skills are impressive though and interest in Dwemer ruins give the guy even more character.


Mjoll the Lioness

Some fans call her one of Skyrim best followers due to her kind heart, extensive experience and ability to intimidate people when it is needed. She can be recruited in the Riften’s inn and even marry you if you get her sword back. Mjoll is also happy to tell her stories when travelling around Skyrim.


Dark Brotherhood Initiate

Once you enter the Dark Brotherhood you can make an initiate accompany you everywhere. Not the Skyrim best follower, but it will do the trick when numbers and swords matter. A generic mask and name can set off the player, but once you give the initiate a name and pretend he’s the bro, it works!


Farkas & Vilkas

The brute force and cunning mind. These two compete for the title of the best follower in Skyrim for thousands of players. Both are werewolves and members of the Circle. They play a very important role in the Companions storyline and later become available as your brothers-in-arms, offering both swords and sharp teeth to your service.



A mercenary Dunmer female, she earns her spot among Skyrim best followers by killing what needs to be killed and swinging the weapon with the ferocity that some nords might envy. After you develop a successful working relationship, you can marry Jenassa! Just don’t annoy her, she is a killing machine.



One of Skyrim best followers, Lydia is a cute housecarl that serves you after you work successfully for Jarl Balgruuf. Her loyalty, weapon skills, and appearance always conquer our hearts here at RankTopTen. She is sworn to carry your burdens and sometimes annoys by keep reminding that fact, but that is a minor issue, right?

Uthegerd the Unbroken
Teldryn Sero
Brelyna Maryon
Lucien Lachance
Aranea Ienith
Huskies from Dawnguard