Top Fight Songs

The idea to create a list of the best fighting songs appeared long ago. But we thought we were not ready to create and present a completely objective list. Up to this moment. We decided not to put on the list such top fight song as Eye of the Tiger or other world-famous songs. We tried to pick up songs with a powerful lyrics and motivational music. A lot of songs on our list are commonly known to people who grew up in the 2000s but it is a really good fight music. In addition, we should note that many songs are inspiring. If the song does not have a clear fighting rhythm, it does not mean that this song is not a fighting one. From our point of view, good fights songs should first of all inspire people to fight and win every time they have some battle, even a small one. And, as usual, you can leave your comments, in your opinion, the best fight music, and we will definitely read it. Enjoy.


I Will Not Bow (Breaking Benjamin)

And here is one of the best fight songs ever (of course, after Eye of the Tiger). Even the name of the songs tells you “Never bow to anyone”. Powerful guitar parts, nice drums on the back and awesome lyrics make this song legendary.


Lose Yourself - Eminem

This song seems to be more like self-motivating music. Maybe, it is awesome for fighting as well but Lose Yourself is a type of songs about fighting everyday life and problems. It says you “go, this opportunity comes once in a lifetime” and forces you do your best every day.


Riot - Three Days Grace

And the last on our list of fighting songs is Riot by Three Days Grace. And this song, like Down with the Sickness, is more preparation-for-battle song. And its name is very suitable according to this theory. But to our point of view every Three Days Grace song can create such an atmosphere.


You're Going Down - Sick Puppies

For me personally, it's not just fighting music, it's like really good music for training or self-motivation. When you listen to this song, you fell some inner inspiration, and you are ready to start doing wonderful things right here and now. Do not hesitate and listen now!


Bodies - Drowning Pool

This song (and especially its chorus) is known to every person who lived in the 2000s. We can say for sure that this is one of the best fight songs, metal songs and any other songs because it is really legendary. It has hard guitar parts and lyrics that you cannot confuse with any other.


Down With the Sickness - Disturbed

Among other fight songs on this list, Down with the Sickness is the best to prepare for a fight. It creates an atmosphere of total concentration and seriousness. Before listening to this song, you have to select a goal that you want to achieve, and you will see that this song will give you energy to do it.


One Step Closer - Linkin Park

The legendary Linkin Park and the legendary Chester Bennington created a lot of amazing songs. One Step Closer is one of the songs about fighting back everything that you lost. It is not the most powerful song on our list but it has some typical Linkin Park style that makes it awesome.


White Knuckles - Five Finger Death Punch

This song is the most brutal and tough fighting music on the list. It is difficult to understand the lyrics but in general, you even don’t need to. Such music is good either for metal parties or some insane battles. Forget about all brutal things you know and discover the new level of it.


Die MF Die – Dope

A list of good fighting songs cannot be full without Dope music. This band did not say in the interview who was this no-named MF and why they want him to die. But this song became extremely popular, and even people who are not the Dope fans know the chorus perfectly.


Headstrong - Trapt

Trapt, like all good fights songs, has calm middle-level lyrics and a burning chorus. Listening to this song you imagine different fight scenes from lots of films in your head. My first association was a nice film called "Green Street Hooligans" with Elijah Wood and Charley Matthew Hunnam.