Best Alternative Bands

Are you a loyal supporter and follower of rock? Do you like rock that varies from the good old AC/DC flamethrowing style? Good, you’ve knocked on the right door. Alternative rock emerged in the 1980s as the sub-genre of rock and then completely moving away from its roots. Bringing in more metallic and grungy sound, it became very popular during the 1990s and 2000s. Almost every major rock band had produced at least one alternative rock song which allowed them to expand their fan base even more. We’re not mentioning Linkin Park who can be considered a music genre rollercoaster, changing their style like a pair of gloves. That’s a good thing, though. So this list is devoted to the best alternative bands ever.

It’s been almost 40 years down the line and the choice is truly massive right now. The ranking contains bands that no longer exist and those who are only starting to earn the legendary status. Alternative bands often offer deep lyrics and touch problems of society that need attention. They never neglect love, hate, pain and joy which makes this particular genre a selection of songs about anything in the world. Popular alternative bands still enjoy the full power of their fame around the world with new listeners flocking to them all the time despite heavy pop music influence. Rock is not dead baby! Especially alternative.

What are yours top alternative bands? Would it be Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, Green Day or someone else from the list? Leave your king’s vote and decide which bands will be at the top of the chart.


Linkin Park

It took these guys only one album to prove that they are among the best modern rock bands. 4 years after the formation of the band, they reach huge popularity, all thanks to the Hybrid Theory, which was a true revelation for the critics and those who love a good sound. The band emerged with nu metal and alternative music and the album sold 11 million copies, reaching the Diamond status.

The band was pressured by the fans who wanted more of the same and Meteora came out in 2003, following the same metal pattern and gained huge popularity. Linkin Park started touring and headlining many festivals worldwide along with the most famous musicians. Minutes of Midnight was a big turn towards more classic rock sound and band members confessed that this is what they feel comfortable with. Next albums were even a bigger step towards a lighter sound which was controversial, yet the albums were selling magnificently. LP music featured in movies and games.

2017 for Linkin Park is known for the release of the seventh album of the group. It is notable that we will not hear heavy drums and riffs as we are used to. The guys have reached a point in their career when they can sing whatever they like and still have millions of supporters purchasing their albums, creating full artistic freedom for experimenting and trying out the new look of the band.

Which albums do you like the most? Would you prefer hearing old songs or more into the recent creations of Chester, Mike and Co? Share your opinion in the comment section created specifically for the Linkin Park.



Nirvana was an American rock band formed by singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain and bassist Krist Novoselic in Aberdeen, Washington, in 1987. Nirvana went through a succession of drummers, the longest-lasting being Dave Grohl, who joined the band in 1990. Despite releasing only three full-length studio albums in their seven-year career, Nirvana has come to be regarded as one of the most influential and important alternative bands in history. Though the band dissolved in 1994 after the suicide of frontman Kurt Cobain, their music continues to maintain a popular following and to inspire and influence modern rock and roll culture.


Green Day

These Oakland kings of punk rock are still kicking it. One of the top modern rock bands, a regular and a wanted visitor of Billboard music charts, Green Day stands out a big time when talking about punk. More than 30 years on stage, these golden oldies know what is good music and we love them for it.

Green Day are on the stage since 1986, when 14-year-old Billie Joe Armstrong assembled his friends into an underground band. Green Day was performing in the clubs and gaining popularity step by step. While the period from the birth of the band and up to 1994 was a moderate success with Billy and company were working their way up the rock ladder, the next two years are a pure breakthrough.

Green Day are signed by Reprise and release Dookie, a total hit, which has skyrocketed band’s success, sales, and overall popularity. Guys were on top of commercial summary as their rock machine was going at full speed. After a lengthy period of mediocre success, guys release American Idiot and enjoy a new income of fame, money, and listeners. An album that targeted politics and specifically President Bush simply could not go unnoticed, especially when a good music was backing it up.

Twelve studio albums, Grammy awards, millions of fans, all of the was earned by hard work and sweat on the stage. Green Day still are the kings of punk rock, not listening to anyone and singing about what they please.

Tell us what you think about the music of Green Day and how much are you waiting for the thirteenth album to come out! Share your favorite songs, concerts, lyrics and opinions in the comment box below.



The best band ever, according to millions of young people, Coldplay is a British pop-rock band which has gained fame at the dawn of 21st century and stayed there since. Their music is meditating, uplifting and is set to encourage thoughts about one’s emotions. 80 million albums sold speak for themselves and leave no second thoughts.



How do you distinguish a representative of top modern rock bands? 30 million album sales should help you out a little bit. These English guys from boys’ school showed the world how the real music should be played and became the gods to the music community. The artists themselves mentioned that the influence behind their music was rock, electronica, and even hip-hop. We will have to thank big artists of those styles for inspiring the Radiohead to achieve what they have already and presenting to us some of the best albums in history.

Thom Yorke, the lead vocalist, is the main person behind most of the lyrics and songs and he is the one who created magnificent stories that we still can’t get enough of. Releasing “Creep” in 1996 instantly made Radiohead a known band throughout the world and their third album only increased the popularity. This is the band that was quick to gain the fame and never lets it go, unlike many other quick-born stars, known by only one song. Radiohead guys pressed on and kept creating music that got people by their hearts.

Guys have produced 9 albums so far, collaborating with artists, producers, and orchestras. Top quality content is a deserved landmark of Radiohead and the iconic look of the band members. The sound that they manage to extract from their instruments is sometimes beyond comprehension and that is what we love about these Brits.

What do you think about this gem of alternative music? Are you a creep and a weirdo and not afraid to sing about that publically? Let the community know in the comments! We’re sure there are millions of those who will gladly share the feeling with you.


Red Hot Chili Peppers

These guys are definitely one of the most popular modern rock bands to take you to the other side. Long prolific career, never ending fame, and hype, original clips, RHCP are the titans of the industry. Operating since 1983, they are gurus of funk rock and never fail in delivering quality content to the listeners. Despite the normal process of aging, the Peppers are not looking like stopping their engines. Improvised live performances get us the feeling of a constant jam and the fun and joy the artist are experiencing are viral, spreading through the audience and filling the concert halls with a distinct energy, only possible for the RHCP.

Like most of the bands, they experienced a change of personnel, rotating the musicians if need be, but absolutely no result in the end quality can be spotted. One of the major blows to the team was the death of Hillel Slovak, aged 28. His drug addiction undermined his health and eventually, his heart stopped beating after an overdose. He hid his addiction from everyone and this was one of the reasons for not getting help in time.

RHCP received the global fame only in the 90s and have not disappeared from the music radars ever since. Producing iconic albums and singles, guys were conquering huge space in their fans’ hearts. The band has already left a huge legacy behind them and a whole generation of young adults who were born and raised under their music and artistic performances. Only Californication sold 16 million copies worldwide, let alone the combination of all other albums.

What do you think about the Chili Peppers and how long ago did you hear their first song? All of that and more can be discussed in the comment section for this band, right below.


Arctic Monkeys

One of the first alternative bands to be discovered via the Internet, Arctic Monkeys are reaching the heights relying on their own strengths, without any major record label deals. Arctic Monkeys have entered top charts fairly recently and have already experienced loyalty of the fans, huge sales and world tours.



These Americans are one of oldest and best alternative bands of their period. Prior to their dissolution in 2011, they have enjoyed 21 years of successful career. Their music is enigmatic with a moderate tempo. Often folk and ballad elements are heard. Such diversity grants R.E.M. a huge fan army and great sales even now.


Pearl Jam

This Seattle-based group is one of the most popular alternative bands with more than 60 million copies of their albums sold, 32 million of which were sold in the United States. The band performs since 1990 and never experienced a shuffle of the members, retaining the same musicians in the ranks.


Foo Fighters

Founded by Dave Grohl of Nirvana after the death of Kurt Cobain, Foo Fighters quickly gained the fame and were called one of the best alternative bands. The band has recorded 9 studio albums, all much loved and revered by the fans and critics. All albums combined have sold 30 million copies globally.



One of English best modern bands and worldwide heroes of alternative rock, Muse has already cemented their place in the rock history. Their debut album came out in 1999, despite the band’s foundation in 1994. It took them whole five years to get this thing sorted out properly, defining the sound of the group and stating that they are not in the industry to be forgotten soon. Next album followed up in 2 years, continuing the music ideas of its predecessor and solidifying the band’s positions as one that takes British music to the global popularity.

Third album broke the record, as the first one to stay at the top of UK albums five times in a row. 2006 was the year of Supermassive Black Hole and further extension of international popularity. Introducing electronic and pop elements, the album reinstated the legacy of Depeche Mode and increased the number of people who were looking for the good music and discovered Muse.

Band’s trophy shelf includes two Grammy awards and many British ones as the sign of global recognition and appreciation of their music. The sound itself combines progressive metal, art rock and electronic touches. It is not a rare thing to hear symphonic orchestras in their songs that just indicate how big of a scale these guys are aiming for. Since the global audience discovered Muse, there was no shortage in those who desired to see them in their country, therefore the band is touring all over the world and promise to visit North America in a short time. Are you waiting for Muse to come to your city? Tell us in the comments!


30 Seconds to Mars

Led by Jared Leto, the band joined the ranks of top alternative bands on its own, without relying on Leto’s popularity as an actor. Earning multiple certifications around the globe, their albums are full of quality and meaning as well as millions of fans begging the bands to visit their countries.



While being considered average artists in the US, Pixies were named among the top alternative bands in the UK, mainland Europe and a number of other countries. They have broken up in 1993 but as their records were gradually increasing in popularity, Pixies reunited and are active to this day.

Smashing Pumpkins

Three Days Grace

This Ontario-based band is the synonym for alt-rock and is among the best modern bands. Besides the distinct sound, the band is also famous for the previous vocalist Adam Gontier, whose voice was another landmark of a breakthrough in music that these Canadians have managed to pull off.

1997 is the year when Three Days Grace started their existence. First performing on underground stages in Canada, they quickly became famous in limited circles because the new vibes and experiments with a music that already had its laws. Grunge riffs and Gontier’s voice made the fans feel that specific tasty crunch. I Hate Everything About You hit the #1 spot in Canada and started a long series of singles that reached that height on charts. Their albums were acknowledged as platinum and double-platinum in some occasions. 3DG, starting as support band for more famous colleagues soon began touring and participating as the headliners of many festivals, along with Skillet and Seether.

2013 was the year of changes for 3DG, as Gontier announced his departure from the band. He has now started new band, named Saint Asonia, and performs separately. Matt Walst became the new lead singer of the band. This change was controversially received by the fans, as most of them miss the distinct voice of Adam and a huge migration of fans was recorded, pointing out that the vocalist is the defining part of any band.

What do you think about the band with the new vocalist? Let us know how you think the band should move on from their previous achievements and make Matt Walst the new idol for the diehard supporters.


My Chemical Romance

Representative of the American alternative bands family, the group began the music career in 2001. The Black Parade, a 2006 albums was a major hit receiving double platinum status in the UK and is by far the biggest success of MCR. After a prolific career, the band broke up and no albums were released since that.



Originating from Dublin, Ireland, U2 is known for their incorporation of multiple genres which now makes alternative bands to worship these guys. U2 manages to play different music and keep the same style thanks to vocals and guitar. Since 1976 they have released 13 studio albums and don’t look like stopping.

Alice in Chains

Fall Out Boy

Considered to be one of the best bands in the pop punk genre, Fall Out Boy produces high-quality content and cements its place in the history of music. They focus heavily on the lyrics and deliver a deep message. Famous artists do the covers of their songs to acknowledge the band’s legacy.

Imagine Dragons
Breaking Benjamin
The Killers
The White Stripes
The Fray
The Strokes
The Smiths
Panic! At the Disco