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It’s all about rhythm, lyrics, and meaning, right? With a continually growing community of rap fans, it is not rare to witness an argument about which representative of hip-hop industry is currently holding the title of world’s fastest rapper. You don’t have to make your idol participate in a marathon, no. “Fastest” indicates the one who manages to spit out as many words per time period as possible. So, would it be our beloved Slim Shady and his mom’s spaghetti? Or your knowledge of the artists allows spotting someone better than the renowned modern “Rap God” and his verses? New rappers rise to the challenge every day, polishing their skills to perfection. More and more homemade gems are joining the industry and the choice between the candidates for the fastest rapper position grows heavily.

So does the heat of the competition: speed often creates the needed wow-effect and hype around the artists, especially performed live. Sometimes it is a straight-up highway to glory and fame. No wonder that fans’ discussions are even hotter and there is never a defined winner of any competition around the music world. RankTopTen offers you to take a look at the fastest rappers voted by users and make your personal adjustments. Ensure that your tongue twisting master stays at the top of the list! Join many others to create a precise chart of major rap industry players, whose lyrics speed make you scream out loud in admiration. It’s your turn to say who is the fastest rapper, come join the party.



Marshall Bruce Mathers III or simply Eminem is a rapper from Missouri, raised in Detroit. He is often considered to be the fastest rapper of all time, and it is not a coincidence. Riding the waves of popularity since 1999, he never fails to deliver top tracks to match his fans’ expectations. 8 full-length albums, song production, movies, it hard to find art industry that Em was not trying to master. His total album sales have hit the 172 million copies mark which makes the guy one of the most selling artists in the world, let alone just the rap industry. Eminem is also the most streamed artist of all times, according to Spotify.

Starting his early steps of a rap artist in Detroit, he faced many problems such as school, drugs and low-paid jobs. He was slowly gaining popularity by performing and winning the freestyle contests between the schools. Later Dr. Dre finds out about his Slim Shady EP and instantly decides that Eminem is the guy to work with. Years of productive cooperation and now everybody knows Marshall as a first person to dominate the rap, often called the “black” industry.

Eminem will get older and release fewer tracks and albums but his legacy will live on.Huge impact on the culture, music and the industry can not be taken away. He will be the guy with phenomenal pronunciation and lyrics speed and deep lyrics, as well as crazy statements and diss songs. And what do you think about Marshall Bruce Mathers III? Post a comment below and let everybody see your opinion.



Twista’s fans would definitely call him the fastest rapper among many contestants for that title. Back in 1992, this guy managed to pronounce 598 syllables in 55 seconds, which was officially acknowledged by Guinness World Records. 43 years of life and more than a half of that fully dedicated to rap industry. Twista is still kicking it and keeps on recording new tracks and releasing new clips that swim in the ocean of views of old school fans as well as newcomers that want to relish his talent of a fast rapper. Deep lyrics, fast rapping, beats that tear your headphones apart, that is how you can distinguish Twista from many other famous artists.

Starting since early 90s, Twista slowly worked his way to the pinnacle of his fame, releasing more than a dozen of albums and compilations. A pretty impressive tally, especially for a rapper like Twista. Collaborations with other rappers gave birth to fabulous songs such as the Legendary and Twista is not planning to stop on what he has already achieved.Fair to say that he is not only changing the world with his music, but states that each rapper should be a direct representative of society and has to help it grow any way possible. His Get Money Gang Entertainment makes sure that homeless people get the food they so desperately need.

Twista proves that he is one of the fastest rappers, a valuable citizen and an asset to the rap industry, all in one package. What do you think about this proud representative of rap industry?


Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne, or Aaron Dontez Yates, is a rapper from Kansas City, famous for his lyrics, beats and rap speed. His track Midwest Choppers 2 truly deserves a title of a super fast rapper and earns a lot of respect. First album came in 1999 and there was no stoppage of quality content coming our way year after year.

Yates never met his father and lost his mother due to epilepsy, which had a serious impact on rapper’s life and later on his music. He started rapping early, memorizing the spelling of his name by rapping the letters. His passion for rap and hip-hop would never fade away and in 1991 he starts his path towards glory. After being a part of various rap gangs he and his business partner start a label Strange Music which stands behind Tech N9ne’s tracks until this day.

Since early 2000s, Yates becomes more and more popular and starts his series of collabos in 2006. These track included many guest stars which was a positive boost for the fans of rap and hip-hop as well as a nice addition to Tech N9ne’s marketing, attracting additional fanbase to his quality music.

His track vary greatly, including typical lyrics about girls and money, deep words about mental disorders etc. He recently reacted to the weapon scandal, releasing a special track dedicated to that in march. Yates does not plan to retire and he proves that statement with new tracks with a huge amount of quality, as we all here at are used to.

What do you think about his performances and music? Would you put him on a same level of rhyme speed as Eminem, or even higher? Share your opinion in the comments below!



This rapper of Texas origin is the representative of the new era, releasing his first album in 2012. Answering the question who is the fastest rapper, he performed 949 syllables in 49 seconds, though never received the certificate for that, due to Guinness closing down the whole section of speed rapping records because of “lack of competition”. Recent years have shown that there are only a few people able to perform on the same level of speed.

Crucified sings about various topics, including paranormal stuff, extraterrestrial life, drugs (especially weed) , spiritual world and occult practices. Unlike Rebel XD, who takes things slow and does not pursue the goal of stating the world that he is the fastest, Crucified goes for the speed in all of the songs, making it a primary highlight of his music career. He collaborates with other rappers that possess supersonic rhyming speed skills, such as Twisted Insane, Bizzy Bone, and many others.

Crucified’s albums are not made to earn money, but to spread the music. Most of his mixtapes are totally free for listening and downloading, making it easier for a potential fan to find and enjoy the music of Crucified. His main field of action is his YouTube channel, that is now reaching a million and a half views. The army of supporters and a fellow promoter Yung Dro is what drives rapper’s career forward. He is also planning to release a new free mixtape in 2017, using the help of Oneiric Music & Media Group and his top-notch rhyming, as usual.

Say what you think about Crucified in the comments below! Is he the fastest guy in the industry or are there others who can beat him in a one-on-one speed rhyming battle? Share your thoughts and discuss the words of other people here, at


Twisted Insane

Coming from southern California, Twisted Insane always competes for the position of the fastest rapper in the world. In the Tech N9ne’s track Worldwide Choppers he managed to spit out 140 syllables for 15 seconds, which equals to an impressive result of 9.33 syllables per second. That can twist someone’s tongue, right? But Twisted Insane proves that this supersonic speed is a routine for him as most of his tracks contain that level of speed-rhyming. Twisted proves his place in the Choppers community in every song he releases.

It wasn't all great for the guy at the beginning. In fact, his life would never suggest that Twisted Insane would become the man he is now. He was living as a homeless man with his mother. A pretty rough start already, but Twisted’s love for music prevails, as he manages to record his first mixtapes and make his talent known. His verses are strong, quick, like a gunfire and that’s the biggest attraction of his music. His unique rapping style was the starting point, and after raising some money and promoting his name, he records his album Shoot For the Face in 2006. 21 tracks and his talent is now official.

His major popularity came in 2011, due to the aforementioned Worldwide Choppers, where he seriously outmatched other rappers that took part in production of the song. It took him only a quarter of a minute to declare himself as one of the fastest rappers ever.

Do you think Twisted Insane would beat any rapper in speed? Use the comment section to say your opinion towards this gem of rapping and describe how is he better than anyone else when it comes to syllables per second.

Machine Gun Kelly (MGK)



Krayzie Bone

It takes a few simple calculations to determine that Krayzie Bone is able to perform 12 syllables per seconds. Super fast rapper, to say the least. Obviously, he does not rap at that speed all the time, but he certainly can put the pressure on the renowned celebrities, famous for their fast rhyming. Let’s dive into Krayzie Bone’s Music life for a little bit.

Starting off in the big rap as a member of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, he managed to build his personal fan army that was waiting for their idol’s solo debut. Krayzie did not delay that satisfaction and released Thug’s Life in 1999, beginning his career of a solo artist. That album was a big revelation, including many star guest appearances, such as the Marley Brothers and Snoop Dogg. Famous names in the tracks did the job and more people started talking about Krayzie Bone and the speed of his lyrics. The album went platinum in the same year as the release.

Krayzie’s next album, Thug on Da Line, became golden and received a positive recognition among the rap world. He does not plan to stop and keeps producing his albums with more guest stars and becomes a featuring artist as well, performing with Chamillionaire the song Ridin’. That performance got Krayzie his Grammy award and the popularity kept growing.

Now he continues to rap and is a successful businessman, promoting his brands and companies.

See that comment section below? Use it to share your thoughts on the music of Krayzie Bone, his rapping style and collabs he was part of. Let everyone know the songs you like and Krayzie’s fastest performances ever.



Outsider, a representative of the South Korean rap industry is known for being able to perform at least 17 syllables per second. Some sources state that he can spit out even up to 26 sps, which would definitely put him beyond competition. On the other hand, most of his speed performances are in Korean and different languages mean different syllable count, which makes a proper competition impossible. Despite this fact, he pushes his pronunciation skills to the edge with each new song, earning more fans around the world.

Outsider’s career begins in 2004, where he debuts as an underground rapper. He releases EP “Come Outside” which receives positive appraisal from fellow musicians and underground rap fans. As Outsider gains popularity exponentially, MC Sniper, a legend of local hip-hop signs him to Sniper Sound, which becomes the label of Outsider’s debut album. His track “Loner” quickly reaches #1 spot in Korean music charts and everybody starts talking about the newcomer.

Outsider’s songs are distinguishable among other rap products, as he masterfully combines super fast rapping and Kpop tracks, producing something that the audience has never heard before. This wild and risky mix makes Outsider famous in South Korea and he begins touring around the world. He records singles with Korean stars as well as famous American Chopper Twista. These collabs extend his range of popularity and increase the number of loyal supporters across the globe, allowing the guy to go on a worldwide tour.

What is your opinion about this South Korean star of speed rapping? Make sure you put everything you think about in the comment section and describe your feelings towards his music.


Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes, or Travis George Smith Jr., is a man of East Side, being born in Brooklyn. Some people put him on a position of the fastest rapper of all time for his skills of speed-rhyming. The man himself is active since 1989 and still doing his best to stay in the industry and make the fans happy with new tracks.

At the dawn of his career, Smith starts a Leaders of the New School hip-hop group and which becomes known after performing before Public Enemy and 3 years after that, Busta Rhymes starts appearing alongside other popular rappers and his name became more and more known among the community, bringing the first signs of a real fame that was about to fall on his head. Catchy songs, top-notch rhymes (Smith’s stage name reflects that fully) and rhythmic beat started to be a particular highlight of his music career. He releases his debut solo album The Coming.

After that, Busta Rhymes releases a few more of his albums, changes a studio and starts working on bigger projects. His album The Big Bang became Busta’s first #1 album, which sold more than 200,000 copies worldwide. In 2007 song called “We Made It” comes out, featuring Linkin Park.

Busta Rhymes is now a highly wanted artist, featuring in many mixtapes and shows, like The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

What is your attitude towards Busta Rhymes? Do his rhymes make you nod in approval or you think that the industry has much better guys? Express your opinion in the comments below and you will be heard.

Mac Lethal

Bizzy Bone

Bizzy Bone is one of the four members of the Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, including famous Krayzie Bone. He is famous for his fast manner of rapping, distinct choruses that are performed with soft and high speech. His result of 11.3 syllables per second is impressive, though many representatives of rap industry outmatched this achievement greatly.

Bizzy Bone though makes his songs sound like a gunfire is also able to sing with a unique voice, making his music distinguishable from many other tracks. Being around since 1992, he and his crew managed to be heard by Easy-E one of the Hip-Hop elite of the older generation and that’s when his career went up.

Bizzy Bone started his solo career in 1998, with an album called Heaven’z Movie, which later receive a platinum status. After such a debut, Bizzy only added to his trophies by securing a top spot in many music awards. It made him a renowned artist with a proof from critics, not only the fans.

He released eight solo albums since the start of his performances and after a 7-year break, he revealed that a duet album with Krayzie Bone is incoming. This is a sign that Bizzy Bone is not planning to give up on music and still has a lot to offer to his fans and the critics.

What is your attitude towards his distinct vocals and rapid rhyming? Which track and performance of Bizzy Bone do you like the most and would recommend it to all your friends that are unfamiliar with his music? Let everybody know in the comment section, dedicated specifically to this artist.


Rebel XD

If you ever watched Guinness World Records TV show, then you know who Rebel XD is. If you ask him who is the fastest rapper, he will proudly tell you to look no more. A 3-time holder of the record for the fastest rapping is something that deserves attention. The most recent record, set in 2007, was 852 syllables in 42 seconds, 20.3 syllables per second. It is the best officially recorded result by far.

Born in 1973 in Chicago, he started his path as Rebel XD only in 1987 and after ten years he gained his worldwide popularity by record-breaking speed rhyming, beating his own record, set in 1992.

Rebel does not like when people call him just the fastest rapper and not fond of telling about his records. He often states that people are terribly mistaken if they think that his lyrics is only about speed and nothing else. He dedicates some space in any profile description that he intentionally performs most of his songs in lower tempo, so everybody could grasp the meaning of the lyrics and the message that Rebel is trying to pass.

Rebel XD, though famous for fast rhyming, does not like to be associated with the Choppers movement and prefers not to be called that way. His talent for speed rapping is not main thing for the artist himself, as he continues to press on with hard work on making the lyrics be unique and sound like nothing else the fans have heard before.

What is your opinion about Rebel XD? Should he continue to perform in a more slow pattern, focusing on words and not the ultra fast tempo that we all know he can deliver? Use the comment section to say everything you want about the artist and his music!

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