Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers

Scientists from around the world have put forth estimates for the total number of flower species on Earth for years, including the ones we haven’t even found yet. The magic number that everyone seems to have settled on is just over 400,000 unique beautiful flowers. Although in your daily life the number you see is much smaller, there are still hundreds of nice flowers around you every day. Whether you can name every of them you’ve ever come across or the only thing you know about them is that they make for great Instagram backgrounds, everyone will agree on this: they’re some of nature’s most gorgeous creations. And many of them are with us; the flower industry has burgeoned since the days of old. Which makes sense because what special occasion isn’t accented by bouquets, elaborate or simple? Here are our top ten picks for the best among these natural beauties, see if your favorite made the list!



The orchid family is one of the largest of its kind, accounting for approximately 10% of all seed plants on the planet right now. It’s no surprise then that these beautiful flowers also grow from plants that have been around for a very long time, a 100 million years by most counts.



Finally, the rose. What list would be complete without this beautiful flower? The flower needs no introduction. When we think of beautiful flowers, roses are what come to mind first. When we want someone to slow down and reflect on the natural wonders of the world, we tell them to stop and smell the roses.



Lotuses are actually a double hitter, they’re the national flowers of both India and Vietnam. These delicate nice flowers hold a lot of weight in Asia’s cultures and religions depicted as the seat of many Hindu gods. In Buddhism they represent beauty, growing out of mud but remaining pure.



This flower is native to Southern Africa. Many consider gazanias to be the most beautiful flower in the world because of what they stand for. These flowers, or rather their plants, are known for being extremely resistant to their native regions’ droughts and heat, blooming through long dry summers. They come in various ombre patterns and shades too.



Some of the most beautiful bouquets of flowers in the world have been made of Mexico’s national flower, dahlias. Totaling 42 different species, dahlias come with a great big dollop of diversity. These beautiful bushy flowers come in almost every hue nature can create, and in sizes of up to a foot in diameter.


Bird of Paradise

Also known as crane flower, this beautiful flower was named so because of its likeness to a tropical bird mid-flight. Birds of paradise symbolize joyfulness and you guessed it, paradise. Their vibrant orange leaves are shaped like miniature banana leaves because they two are actually related very closely to one another.


Bleeding Heart

Also known as lady-in-a-bath, bleeding hearts are one of the most beautiful flowers we’ve had the pleasure of seeing. Their shape and the pink colour are what inspired the name. Over the years, these flowers have had entanglements with a plethora of meanings, with many people having very personal ones for themselves or passing them down the family.


Water Lilies

These amazing flowers are the national flower of Bangladesh. You might notice a trend there, and we can say that these countries have good taste! Water lilies are a beautiful species of flower, so that they are seen growing worldwide in people’s garden ponds as ornamental plants.



Another example of the most beautiful flowers in the world, tulips come in hundreds of species and thousands of varieties. One thing they share in common is the surprisingly symmetrical buds they grow, which are rare in nature. Tulips come in almost every shade you can think of, with a lot having specific meanings attached.


Cherry Blossom

No discussion of beautiful flowers would be complete without Japan’s national flower, cherry blossoms, or sakura as they call it. These pale pink wonders have had viewing festivals dedicated to them the world over. They symbolize renewal and hope, and in Japan, many believe the souls of fallen soldiers are born again as the flowers.