Greatest Military Leaders

Since the early times, military leaders have been able to help expanding the society or destroying the same. Many of them have forgotten their authorization and some of them have becoming more and more ambitious after every victory. I think we will all agree that all the military leaders have been megalomaniacs in almost every case. But who came closest to the the achievement of their dreams and who won the most ?


Napoleon Bonaparte

A political leader, risk taking gambler, workaholic genius and planner. The twice-emperor of France, Napoleon Bonaparte is generally viewed as one of the greatest military commanders of all time.


Cyrus the Great

Cyrus was the founder of the Achaemenid Empire. He became king of Anshan within 559. Cyrus joined the Medians and also Persians and then expanded the Persian empire into Lydia in Asia Minor. He took Babylon too.He may have gone into India. Cyrus made the biggest empire the earth had yet seen.


Adolf Hitler

An Austrian-born German, Hitler will always be remembered for starting the Second World War, the most expensive conflict in world history, because of his hope to expand Germany.


Genghis Khan

He began the Mongol invasions which resulted in the conquest of most of Eurasia.He's kept in mind by some as a blood thirsty tyrant, but Khan was a practical conqueror, more concerned in goods than in killing. Great Khan, emperor of the Mongol Empire, became the largest contiguous empire in history after his death.


Alexander the Great

Alexander III of Macedon was a king of Macedon. He had} built the largest empires in ancient history. Alexander the Great was undefeated in battle and is considered one of the most successful commanders of all time.


Julius Caesar

Caesar, one of the most important people in the history of the world. Julius Caesar defeated Pompey in civil war and Gauls at the battle of Alecia during the Gallics Wars which left him undisputed master of the Roman world. He transformed Roman Republic into the Roman Empire.


Hannibal Barca

One of his most noted successes was at the outbreak of the Second Punic War. Hannibal defeated the Romans in a series of fights at Trebia, Cannae and Trasimene. He is considered one of the greatest military leader ever and also Rome's greatest enemy.


Georgi Zhukov

Marshal Georgy Zhukov was a Russian officer in the Red Army. He is probably the most decorated heroes in the history of the Soviet Union. After the fall of Germany, Zhukov started to be the 1st commander of the Soviet occupation zone in Germany.


Attila the Hun

Attila the Hun, was the ruler of the Huns, leader of the Hunnic Empire who spread terror across Europe. Cruel, blood-thirsty and barbarian ruler Attila was probably the most feared enemies of the Roman Empires.


Horatio Nelson

He was famed for his motivational leadership and brilliant grasp of strategy and improper tactics. Horatio's wins ensured that the British controlled the waters for the duration of the Napoleonic Battles and avoided the French from ever attempting to invade England.