Top Cave Houses

Life underground does not always have to be associated with hard war times. By placing their masterpieces in marvelous surroundings, many modern architects have proven that cave houses can be incredible buildings. These amazing constructions reflect the mixture of modern and prehistoric thus proving that one does not necessarily exclude the other. Find out more about top ten cave houses.


Sedum House, North Norfolk Coast, U.K.

As most of the buildings on this list, this one, too, was built with the idea of eco-friendliness. Solar energy is the basis of everything from water heating to central heating. A special system that collects and filtrates rain and makes it drinkable was installed too. This contributes the overall savings.


Estate Lättenstrasse, Dietikon, Switzerland

Nine houses, constructed by Vetsch Architektur, are connected by stairs that lead deep underground into the basement and the garage. The main idea was to use the ground as a rain, wind and heat protection. The reason for building nine houses is for the inhabitants to avoid the feeling of isolation and loneliness.


Stone Desert Home, Greece

The rectangular structure, designed by a famous Greek architect-Deca, was made so that it can rely on the wind cooling and sun heating. It was built on the slopes of two hills and it resembles a box fitted into the desert which surrounds it. It is visible only from one angle, while from all the other angles it is completely invisible.

Flower Petals, Bolton, U.K.
Hobbit House, Vals, Switzerland
The Underground House, Cumbria, England

Hidden House, Lower Silesia, Poland

This house is located in Lower Silesia because of a large number of long tunnels which used to be food storages in war times. The house is completely integrated with the environment, and the only way to enter it is by a staircase. Bedrooms follow each other in a 25 m long tunnel.


Malator, Wales, UK

Malator is an interesting modern building placed in Wales. Looking from the outside, this house is completely fitted into the environment. Basically, it is a big room equipped with all the necessities. The locals gave it a name - the Teletubby house because of its unusual design and colours.


Cave House, Festus, USA

This contemporary energy-saving house covers 1.300 m2. It was built in the state Missouri by Curt and Deborah Sleeper. The interior is modern. Thanks to the geothermal heating there is no need for any other kind of heating and cooling system. This space used to be a place where concerts had been held, before it was bought and redecorated by the mentioned couple.


Cave Dwellings For Rent, Kandovan, Iran

The principle of living underground is everything but new. The proof for this are the cave-houses in Iran older than 700 years. These naturally carved creations served as a home to the ancient people. Today, people have just modernized them and adjusted them to their own needs. They are equipped with anything a modern man could need.