Best Archaeological Discoveries Made In 2017

Archaeological endeavors are a means by man to explore the past and understanding what happened in the times and seasons before. For many years, scientists have explored the earth and we have even been treated by movies that give us a peek into their practices. Such famous movie series include Indiana Jones, Lara Croft Tomb Raider, and The Mummy. As these grew in popularity, so too have the discoveries of actual famous archaeologists become more profound.

The world is filled with hidden mysteries buried under our feet and 2017 was a year of many great archaeological discoveries. They continued to expand our knowledge about those archaeological finds of the past and we are hopeful that there are far more great wonders to unearth. 2017 opened our eyes and brought us greater clarity on events that occurred even thousands of years ago. This top ten list has plethora of knowledge about eclipses, old settlements, ecocide, giant statues, ancient civilizations and even submarines.


Metro Workers Discover Roman Aqueduct

In Rome, modern-day metro workers discovered other great mysterious artifacts, that being the oldest aqueducts. This was authenticated before being announced in April 2017. It is over one hundred and five feet long and over six feet high. This ancient find is said to be about 2,300 years old and is located below Piazza Celimontana.


Solving the Mystery of the Hunley

For 130 years, the H.L. Hunley was lost, sunk at the bottom of the ocean after completing a historic feat, sinking a battleship. This was since February 1864, with all its crewmembers, however after five years of excavation efforts, it came to the surface in 2000. These archaeological finds only generated more questions about the cause of the crew’s death.


No Ecocide on Easter Island

These archaeological finds are about the Rapa Bui people. It is said that they caused the eradication of their own selves due to intentional deforestation and limited crop yields. Any notion of war being the cause was debunked when only approximately three percent of the bodies examined had injuries. Some surmise disease, migration and slavery played a part.


Long Lost Temple of Artemis

Crazy archaeologists have been trying to locate this temple, with erroneous directions, for more than 100 years. They followed Greek historian Strabo, who claimed it was about a mile. It turns out it was more like seven miles away. The long-lost temple of Artemis was finally unearthed on Euboea, a Greek island.


More Historical Finds at Antikythera

The Greek island of Antikythera keeps on giving up many mysterious artifacts. In 2017, divers found relics including a very rare bronze arm. These were usually melted down because it was a rare element. It seems the item does not match any of the artifacts found before either and this promises that there are more wonders hidden beneath.


Ancient Settlement Found in Canada

Archaeological discoveries were found on the American continent as well, on Triquet Island, Canada. It supports the idea that this area an influx of migration for a period. The indigenous Heiltsuk people tell a story about this island providing refuge during the last ice age. The deeper layers of soil were proven more than 14,000 years old.


First Female Viking Warrior

A new archeological of the skeletal remains found in the 1880s on Bjorko Island has debunked the idea that the Viking Leader was a male. Many believed all along that it had female characteristics and this was proven true in 2017. A strategic game was found on the person, including warrior gear at the garrison.


The Long Lost City of Alexander the Great

Thanks to the technological advancement more fascinating archaeological discoveries, including the long-lost city of Alexander the Great is being revealed. Drones were able to maneuver the areas of Iraq, specifically Kurdistan; they discovered a town 2000 years forgotten named Qalatga Darband. They confirmed the ruins were indeed in this area, and already have found Greek artifacts.


Scholars Pinpoint Oldest Solar Eclipse on Record

Another archeological mystery surrounds eclipses. This time in identifying when the first one occurred and was recorded. This seemed to have happened around October 30, 1207, B.C.; it is supported by biblical and Egyptian texts. Christians tell and are familiar with the story of Joshua and the Israelites going into Canaan.


Giant Colossus Unearthed under Slums of Cairo

The 2011 Arab Spring protests put in doubt Egypt’s hope of ever finding any more great archaeological items, but 2017 ended that stagnation. There were several discoveries, including ancient graves, made by crazy archaeologists, most notable is the massive, twenty-nine-foot bust and separated head, of possibly the 26th Dynasty Pharaoh, Psamtek I.