Best South Park Character

This Matt Stone and Trey Parker project came to life in 1997 and always stayed among the top animation series ever since. This sitcom tells us a story of four friends: Kenny, Stan, Kyle and Cartman as they live their lives and get dragged into tons of problems, including the famous human centipede and alien abduction. But we won’t be discussing that today. South Park possesses a big roster of unique and fun characters which leave something in our memory as we finish the episode. This list is devoted to figuring out the best south park character.

The cast is immensely huge and each hero makes recurring appearances during the course of the series, making his own impact on development of the narrative. Show’s satiric depiction of problems that society always faces makes the most out of characters. Especially taboo topics get the most attention, such as racism and religion. Reaching the “love it or hate it” point lets you enjoy those South Park characters the special way. Chef and boys’ parents make a special cohort of heroes that can spice things up and make us laugh (or yell). So we figured it is time to make South Park the list everybody will be fond of.

Feel free to check out this list of South Park characters and pick the best one! Tons of choices and ability to place your comments on each character, expressing your attraction or disgust. So you’re on your on now, go ahead and do some voting. Oh, and please, don’t kill Kenny. Or we’ll go home.


Kyle Broflovski

South Park characters are diverse and memorable, and Kyle is one of them. The protagonist, he is very smart and developed. His Jewish ancestry makes him a target of antisemitic jokes from Eric and the series highlights his eastern European origins. Kyle also always wears a hat which hides an amazing afro hairstyle.

Kyle is best caracter

Kyle is best caracter


Randy Marsh

The best South Park character by far when it comes to masturbation. He is obsessed with this process and the object of it. He is also known to be a talented musician, a downright liberal and has a passion for strong alcohol, which is often described as his “disease”.


Eric Cartman

One of four protagonists of the show and a proud member of RankTopTen’s South Park: the List. This guy was in the show since day one and always was a victim of stupid situations and failed experiments of his buddies. Cartman suffers from obesity jokes throughout the series and scares other students by his inappropriate behavior.


Kenny McCormick

The list of South Park characters that get killed in the show is big, but Kenny definitely stands out. His deaths are fun and entertaining and very, very frequent. Despite all that, Kenny is intelligent, heroic, skilled in weaponry and speaks Romanian fluently. Add his criminal record to it and get an unforgettable mix.


Leopold Butters Stotch

Butters is one of the secondary characters in South Park. The list of his naive and shy character features makes him a target of abuse, all by hands of Eric Cartman. Butters’ role gradually increases throughout the show, he opens up for the viewers and even acquires an evil alter ego along with fans’ love.



This guy honestly deserves the title of the best South Park character simply because of his charisma and impact on the lives of four heroes. Sometimes positive, sometimes villainous, this character never leaves the audience indifferent and has an army of personal fans that would watch the show only because he’s in there.


Stan Marsh

The son of Randy, Stan tops the list of South Park characters when it comes to skill proficiency. This guy can drive, shoot weapons, has a talent for music, committed many crimes including theft, piracy, murder, copyright violations and so on. Stan is always in the mix of things and a fun to watch.


Mr. Mackey

Unlike many other adult South Park characters, Mr. Mackey is a very responsible counselor in the school and actually cares for kids. His unusual appearance, large head and a catchphrase “M’kay” make him a character that is really hard to miss or forget. His methods of caring for children are also controversial sometimes.


Tuong Lu Kim, a.k.a. City Wok Guy

This Asian guy is one of many in the list of South Park characters that are actually all different personalities of Dr. William Janus. He owns City Wok, and City Airlines - the only company of the kind in the town. He is totally normal like all of us, except he is not actually real.

Craig Tucker
Mrs. Liane Cartman
Ike Broflovski
Dr. Alphonse Mephesto
Princess Kenny

Mr. Garrison

One of the adult South Park characters that play a major role. He starts off as a teacher in the South Park elementary school and has a very complex personality, spiced up with gender and sexuality issues. He even becomes 45th President of the US and closely resembles Donald Trump.

Jimmy Valmer
Wendy Testaburger


"Pip" (also known as "Great Expectations") is the fourteenth episode in the fourth season of the American animated television series South Park. The 62nd episode of the series overall, it first aired on Comedy Central in the United States on November 29, 2000. The episode is a parody and comedic retelling of Charles Dickens's 1861 novel Great Expectations, and stars the South Park character Pip, who assumes the role of Pip, the protagonist of the novel, who is his namesake.

Shelly Marsh
Jimbo Kern
Mr. Hankey
Officer Barbrady