Best Female Naruto Characters

If you ask 10 people about the anime that they know, 7 of them will definitely tell Naruto. The inexplicable fact is why this anime has become so famous all over the world.. Every child aged 6 to 16 saw this anime about the adventures of Naruto and his friends and can easily name at least 10 of them. Naruto all the characters are very different and not similar to each other. And today we will describe the most powerful and most interesting female Naruto characters. Why exactly the female list of Naruto characters? Well, the list of the male Naruto characters is very predictable and we suppose you all know a lot about characters like Sasuke, Naruto of Jiraiya. But there are some names you have never heard of or, at least, know little about them. That’s why read and discover the Naruto Universe for yourself once again.


Hinata Hyuga

Hinata is an heiress of the mighty Konoha clan named Hyuga. You can remember this female Naruto character as a shy and weak girl in the first season but up to the season 2, she turned into a pretty and strong woman who can take care of herself.

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Best girl in Naruto I love her kind and shy nature she is also very pretty and the only girl who ever deserved Naruto

I’m not gonna do what everyone does and put Sakura down. Hinata is kind, never judged Naruto for being a Jinchuuriki or being a failure, she wanted to inprove and indeed worked hard



To our point of view, Tsunade is the most powerful among all female Naruto characters. She was a former member of Hiruzen Sarutobi team together with Jiraiya and a traitor - Orochimaru. As a skilled medical-nin, she became famous in Konoha and was elected to be the fifth Hokage.



Definitely, from our list of female ninja names this name is the least famous to the audience. Nevertheless, Kushina was the mother of Naruto and the wife of the 4th Hokage. She was born into the famed Uzumaki clan but after the end of the Second World Shinobi War she was sent to Konoha to study in the ninja`s Academy.

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Sakura Haruno

Sakura is the only girl of the legendary Team 7. She has one of the best Naruto characters names which fully describe her inner world. Nevertheless, she has strong fighting and medical skills because she was trained by Tsunade and took over some her character traits.

y is she in the top ten



Mei Terumī

From our point of view, she is the sexiest among all Naruto female characters. She was the fifth Mizukage and became known as a proficient user of the rare and unique lava technics. She is very powerful shinobi: for example, her power was enough to force Sasuke Uchiha into a corner and injure him despite his usage of Susanoo.


Temari Sabaku

She is one of the most powerful among all Naruto girls. Temari is a shinobi of Sunagakure and elder sister of the 5th Kazekage Gaara. Together with Gaara and Kankuro, she was one of the most skilled ninjas of the hidden village of the Land of Wind.

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Konan, along with Yahiko and Nagato, were the students of Jiraiya after the Second Shinobi World War. After the death of Yahiko, she and Nagato became the founders of Akatsuki, where Konan was the only girl. She has atypical name comparable to another fem Naruto names.



The strangest ninja from the female Naruto character list. As a shinobi, she has the ability to use various ninja techniques (unlike Rock Lee), but she decided to improve herself in the weaponry and fūinjutsu skills, and because of this she always seemed less powerful than other women.

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Ino Yamanaka

Ino is not like another anime girl ninja in Naruto. From the young age, she was bold and determined. She knew what she wanted and purposefully took steps to her goal. Ino was taught to use a Yamanaka`s clan mind-affecting techniques by her father and subsequently used it very well.


Anko Mitarashi

Anko was the jonin of Konoha and a teacher of the ninja`s Academy. Before she became a powerful and recognized shinobi, she was a genin in a team led by Orochimaru and was his favorite. She became famous among the Naruto cast after Orochimaru eventually used her as a test subject for his Cursed Seal of Heaven.

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