Best Dragon Type Pokemon

A Pokemon franchise is one of the most popular in history. If today everyone is addicted to Game of Thrones, in the early 2000s everyone watched the Pokemon series. And still, video games based on the Pokemon Universe are popular among old geeks. And from the very beginning of the Pokemon Universe, there are debates about what the best dragon type Pokemon is. Like real old geeks, we could not stay aside from this topic and decided to show you our opinion on this issue. Usually fans call more than 10 Pokemon, discussing this issue, but we did our best and made a Top 10 dragon Pokemon list. We will be glad to read your comments on this top, because this issue is very controversial, and we are interested in the opinion of our audience. That's why, please spend 5 minutes of your time and see if we think the same or not.



This dragon is a kind of unique among all dragons in the list because he relates to a speaking dragon type. Being a water dragon Pokemon, Dragonite lives in the sea. Despite the fact that he looks very polite and nice, he has very powerful skills and can win everyone on this list.



Flygon is one of the most powerful of the Underused Pokemon among dragons. The Flygon moveset makes his enemies lose even before the battle began. His speed, which allows him to make quick attacks, and strength together with the 6’7” in length gives him great abilities.


Mega Charizard X

Mega Charizard X (on our point of view) is the strongest dragon Pokemon. He is the most powerful evolutions of a Starter Pokémon. Some fans say that there are a lot of other dragons that are more powerful than Charizard, but we haven’t met them yet.



Very cool dragon from the Pokemon series. This dragon has a powerful mind and becomes a real nightmare for the enemy when he gets angry. But also, he has some weaknesses, for example, he cannot withstand any kind of ice attack. But when he upgrades to the broad-winged Mega Salamence, he is almost unstoppable.



Garchomp is definitely the fastest dragon among all dragon-type Pokemon. Garchomp moveset is not very impressive but it shouldn’t be because Garchomp has one and the most valuable skill - he can be as fast as sound. It can even resemble a plane when it’s flying.



Pokemon Haxorus is a rare Pokemon dragon type. He doesn’t have wings, but in general, he doesn’t need them at all. He has tusks at the top of his head that can cut steel and seems to be unbreakable. Haxorus has strong attack skills and body structure, which is similar to armor covering.



Hydreigon has 3 heads and 6 wings. He destroys everything he sees. Hydreigon is a final form of Deino. He seems to be the rudest and most reckless among all Pokemon dragons. His most powerful skill is speed attack. You'd better not meet Hydreigon, unless you want to have a fight.



Dialga is the most beautiful Pokémon on our list. It doesn’t look like a typical dragon. It can control time and learn how to move the Aura sphere. In addition, it does not have the typical dragon Pokemon weakness to Dragon-type and Fairy-type moves.



Many fans of Pokemon series and video games say that Giratina is the best dragon Pokemon. It can be true because he has such incredible skills as Shadow Force movement, traveling from one dimension to another and the possibility of existence in two different forms. Don’t make a mess with this guy.



Rayquaza is one of the three Legendary Dragon-type Pokemon. It has a form of a giant flying green snake. This Pokemon dragon has a special internal organ that acts like a Mega Stone and therefore Rayquaza doesn’t need a Mega Stone to transform into Mega Rayquaza. And yes, he is almost immortal.