Best Yu Yu Hakusho Fight Scenes

You may be familiar with Yoshihiro Togashi’s anime series, Yu Yu Hakusho if you ever grew up with anime in the 90’s and early 2000’s and live in one of the countries where it was broadcast. 112 Yu Yu Hakusho episodes were adapted from the manga series. The style of the anime focused mostly on battle and action. Yusuke Urameshi’s (main protagonist) role was to fight off any sort of evil that would come to harm the society using his spirit powers. As the show progresses, Yusuke gathers new allies who aid him in defeating the evil foes that show up in each arc. Yu Yu Hakusho’s Kuwabara was the rival turned the best friend of Yusuke, and Kurama and Hiei were initially demons he had to defeat. This team had to face numerous enemies, which led to many action packed fight sequences. Let’s have a look at the top 10 Yu Yu Hakusho Fight Scenes.


Yusuke vs Younger Toguro

Cleary the most intense fight in the series. Yusuke managed to get Younger Toguro to use 100% of his power. Younger Toguro was defeated by Yusuke’s spirit mega gun.


Hiei vs Bui

Hiei showed the audience his new learned dark dragon technique. Yu YuHakusho’s Bui seemed to have the upper hand at the beginning of the fight with his brute strength. Hiei dodged all of his blows and then used his special dark dragon technique to give him the one-sided victory.


Kurama vs Karasu

Amongst the Yu Yu Hakusho episodes, Kurama vs Karasu was the first match of the Dark Tournament. Karasu outclassed Kurama in terms of skill at the beginning but Kurama soon after transformed into his demon form, Yoko, which gave him an advantage. Kurama was victorious even after reverting back from his demon form.


Yusuke vs Yomi

From Yu Yu Hakusho episode list, this battle took place in the Three Kings Saga. Yomi was incredibly skilled even though he was blind. Yusuke summoned every ounce of spirit energy he had to beat Yomi. When their fists clashed, Yomi’s punch was far too strong for Yusuke to stand. Yomi was the clear victor.


Yusuke vs Jin

An intense match where Yusuke and Jin Yu YuHakusho went all out during their fight. Both fighters were on par in terms of skill and grit. Jin was not fazed by Yusuke’s Spirit Gun technique, therefore, he had to improvise and use a special Spirit Wave technique. Yusuke came out victorious soon after.


Yusuke vs Sensui

Sensui had multiple stances, which he used for offense and defense. It was difficult for Yusuke to adapt to. Out of desperation, Yusuke accessed his demonic powers which gave him a significant advantage over Sensui. Finally using Yusuke’s spirit gun, Sensui was defeated.


Hiei vs Yusuke (1st encounter)

From Yu Yu Hakusho episode list, this took place near the beginning of the series. Hiei had used powers of an ancient artifact to gain extra strength. He had to improvise so he faked a spirit gun, which was aimed at Hiei. He instinctually dodged the blow but the artifact was destroyed.


Genkai vs Younger Toguro

Genkai of Yu Yu Hakusho was Younger Toguro’s former teammate back when they took part in their own Dark Tournament. Younger Toguro manages to regenerate from each of Genkai’s blows. She was unable to harm him, therefore, Younger Toguro comes out as the victor by killing Genkai at the very end.


Kuwabara vs Risho

Yu Yu Hakusho Kuwabara was being overpowered by Risho at the beginning. Kuwabara managed to gain an enormous amount of strength once he saw his crush, Yukina, on stage. To impress her he managed to summon his Spirit Sword and landed a perfect blow on Risho, which sent him flying out of the ring.


Kurama vs Touya

Touya is an ice-based apparition who is able to freeze his surroundings with his demonic energy. This was one of the Yu Yu Hakusho episodes where Kurama had to outsmart his opponent using creative means. By faking his own death and deceiving Touya, he was able to deliver the final winning blow.