Best TV Shows to Binge Watch

Are you a binge-watcher? If yes, keep reading this article and find out the best TV shows that are popular through decades. Nowadays, the pace of technological development is frenetic because even a small child spends a time in front of gadget watching cartoons. Nevertheless, it is an essential part of our life as different programs entertain and inform us.

TV industry aims to make a person frequent consumer of its product. There are cases when we spend time in vain while watching some films. That is why we offer you a list of the best TV series that are popular for people of different ages and tastes. Below you can find the shows of different genres and themes. Be sure that it deserves your attention as each description contains a relevant and short overview of the shows to binge watch. Hopefully, we will meet your expectations.


The X-Files

We invoke you to watch this science fiction drama. According to a survey, it is considered as the best series. The main heroes work for Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that investigate X-Files. Fox Mulder and Dana Scully aim to reveal the essence of the mysterious events. Do not hesitate and watch it.


Game of Thrones

Perhaps you haven’t watched, but for sure, you heard about Games of Thrones. This is one of the most spectacular top TV shows that is based on the best-selling book series of George R. R. Martin. The film will please you with royal intrigue, political machinations and impressive landscapes with perfect decoration. It deserves your attention.


The Walking Dead

Are you fond of different mysterious and horrible things? The Walking Dead can be considered as one the best shows to binge watch. The main plot is based on the post-apocalyptic period; the main character is Rick Grimes who had awoken from the coma and discovered the world.


House of Cards

Be sure that you will not stop watching this show after the first episode. The filmmakers did their best to create this precise reflection of the governmental life in the TV series. We state that it is the best show to watch as it will present you not only enjoyment but use as well.


Orange Is the New Black

That is an American comedy-drama created for Netflix. The main character is Piper Chapman who shares her memories of life in prison. It was a bright page in the life of this woman. We can say that it is a good TV show to watch as it invokes people to avoid different illegal things.



It goes without saying that you have heard about this good TV show or you know its main soundtrack. We can understand the main plot of the TV series from its title. Every character is unique and creates a positive atmosphere. Friends is rich in funny dialogs that make it unique and interesting.


The Sopranos

It is a popular American crime drama television show to binge watch. The Soprano has not only entertaining, but also educational purpose. The main character tries to overcome difficulties in his private life and criminal organization. The scenario is well-built that keeps you in tension during watching. We hope that you will enjoy it.


Sons of Anarchy

That is one of the best series to watch created by Kurt Sutter. Brotherhood, loyalty, and redemption are the main themes of the Sons of Anarchy. The motorcycle club is the central figure in the scenes. You will be pleasantly surprised with the richness of climaxes and professionalism of the characters.


Parks and Recreation

This American TV series has different testimonials as its plot is rather monotonous. The main characters are workers of the Parks Department of Pawnee, a fictional town in Indiana. Every day they have new challenges that should be accepted. Do you consider it as one the best TV shows to binge watch?


Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is one of the legendary TV shows to watch. Its plot is dedicated to the stories that perhaps have much in common with modern life. The main character is a teacher of chemistry who has a fascinating and adventurous life. We will not reveal all climaxes of this show. Watch and enjoy it.