Best Anime on Crunchyroll

Nowadays, there are different ways to spend free time. That is why we have prepared for you a list of good anime to watch that will be interesting for people of different age. Have you ever heard of Crunchyroll? That is a well-known website that distributes the media of East Asia. Here you can find various manga, anime, and other electronic entertainment.

You have a rare opportunity to get acquainted with these types of the cartoon. Below you can find a brief overview of manga of different genres and styles, in particular, adventurous or comic. Be sure of the high quality and fascinating plot of the cartoons. Do not waste your time and watch the best anime on Crunchyroll. All characters have unique life stories that keep you in tension during the whole series. Cast a glance at our summaries and choose the best for you. Hope you will enjoy it.



It can be one of the best animes to watch. The main character is Iago who dreams to have own church. He is a young god, and his aim is to help people. Once a beautiful girl saved him, but unfortunately, that case changed her life. Are you interested in which way? Watch it.


Devil is a Part-Timer!

It is undeniable that this is one of the best animes to watch. Devil is a Part-Timer is a series of the Japanese light novels. The lead hero is a demons’ king Mao. He aims to be the owner of the Earth. Unfortunately, destiny prepared an unpleasant present for him. Can you guess which one?


My Hero Academia

That is a comedy adventure manga. If you are a fan of supernatural events, this good anime is the best way to spend free time. Ordinary boy dreams to be a member of the mysterious organization. He had a chance to meet his idol, and that inspired him to be a powerful man.

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Log Horizon

Here is one of the top animes to watch. We highly recommend it to you as Log Horizon has a great popularity among not only the children but also adults. The lead character tries to escape from the virtual world. He came across numerous obstacles.


No Game No Life

Are you still looking for the best anime to watch? No game no life is an excellent choice. That type of cartoon is a combination of real and game worlds. This online computer game is a part of the main heroes’ lives that is why their destiny depends on results.


Blue Exorcist

Do you like to watch anime? This Japanese supernatural manga deserves your attention. We have no intention to retell you a plot because you have to plunge into the extraordinary world that was illustrated by Kazue Katō by yourself. Hope it will bring you pleasure.


Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma

Are you keen on cooking? This is a good anime to watch that will motivate you to actions. The main hero accepted a challenge from his father and became a student of the Cooking High School. His educational path is not easy, but still, he did not surrender. He does everything to become a professional chef.


Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Perhaps, we can regard this type of cartoon as a monotonous but critics confirm that it is the best anime on Crunchyroll. Its plot is based on the story of one boy who tries to make ends meet and improve himself. He met a girl who broke his stereotypes. Watch it and enjoy.


Parasyte: The Maxim

It takes 12th place in the range of the great anime to watch. It will broaden your erudition about the "parasytes" that live inside of a person. The aim of the main hero is to save people and animals and kill these mysterious and horrible monsters.


Assassination Classroom

According to a survey, this good anime will bring you positive emotions. The plot is based on the ordinary stories of the students who are obsessed with a great desire to have fun. Be sure that you will laugh all the time while watching Assassination Classroom. We highly recommend it to you for binge watching.